Athletics: Battling Britons: How the British athletes fared in Athens

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Ian Mackie: 1st rd: 3rd, 10.42; 2nd rd: 5th 10.24 (did not qualify for semi-final).

Darren Campbell: 1st rd: 3rd, 10.21; 2nd rd: 3rd 10.13; Semi-final: 8th, 10.37 (did not qualify for final).

Marlon Devonish: 1st rd: 4th, 10.26; 2nd rd: 7th,10.37 (did not qualify for semi-final).


Doug Walker: 1st rd: 2nd, 20.49; 2nd rd: 4th, 20.56; Semi-final: 6th, 20.61 (did not qualify for final).

Owusu Dako: 1st rd: 3rd 20.70; 2nd rd: 8th 21.52 (did not qualify for semi-final).

Julian Golding: 1st rd: 2nd, 20.49; 2nd rd: 4th, 20.69; Semi-final: 7th, 20.61 (did not qualify for final).


Iwan Thomas: 1st rd: 1st, 45.62; 2nd rd: 2nd, 44.98; Semi-final: 4th, 44.61. Final: SIXTH, 44.52.

Mark Richardson: 1st rd: 2nd, 45.44; 2nd rd: 2nd, 45.05; Semi-final: 2nd, 44.62. Final: FOURTH, 44.47.

Jamie Baulch: 1st rd: 1st, 45.82; 2nd rd: 1st, 45.06; Semi-final: 3rd, 44.69. Final: EIGHTH, 45.22.


Andy Hart: 1st rd: 3rd, 1.47.98; 2nd rd: 8th 1.48.03 (did not qualify for semi-final).

Mark Sesay: 1st rd: 7th, 1:49.00 (did not qualify for second round).

Paul Walker: 1st rd: withdrew.


John Mayock: 1st rd: 3rd, 3:37.54; Semi-final: 5th, 3:39.69; Final: NINTH, 3:38.67.

Kevin McKay: 1st rd: 2nd, 3:40.25; Semi-final: 11th, 3:40.21 (did not qualify for final).

Matthew Yates: 1st rd: 11th, 3.38.34 (did not qualify for semi-final).


Rob Denmark: Semi-final: 15th, 13.58.08 (did not qualify for final).

Keith Cullen: Semi-final: 10th, 13.42.40 (did not qualify for final)

Adrian Passey: Semi-final: 14th 14.07.49 (did not qualify for final)

110m hurdles

Tony Jarrett: 1st rd: 1st, 13.35; 2nd rd: 1st, 13.27; Semi-final: 6th, 13.50 (did not qualify for final)

Colin Jackson: 1st rd: 1st, 13.19; 2nd rd 2nd, 13.19; Semi-final: 1st, 13.24; Final: SECOND, 13.05

Andy Tulloch: 1st rd 3rd, 13.69; 2nd rd 7th, 13.63 (did not qualify for semi-final).

400m hurdles

Chris Rawlinson: 1st rd: 5th, 49.72 (did not qualify for semi-final).

Gary Jennings: 1st rd: 5th, 49.84 (did not qualify for semi-final).

3,000m steeplechase

Rob Hough: 1st rd: 9th, 8:28.54; 2nd rd: 12th, 8:59.24 (did not qualify for semi-final).


Richard Nerurkar: Withdrawn

Dave Buzza: Competing today

Dale Rixon: Competing today

High jump

Brendan Reilly: Group 1: 2.23 (did not qualify for final).

Dalton Grant: Group 2: 2.28. Final: FOURTH, 2.32.

Steve Smith: Group 2: 2.26 (did not qualify for final).

Pole vault

Nick Buckfield: Group 1: 5.70. Final: Today

Triple jump

Francis Agyepong: Group 2: 16.83m (did not qualify for final).

Jonathan Edwards: Group 1: 17.28. Final: SECOND, 17.69


Shaun Pickering: Group 2: 14th, 18.10 (did not qualify for final).

Mark Proctor: Group 1: 15th, 17.99 (did not qualify for final).


Bob Weir: Group 2: 62.26; Final: Today

Glen Smith: Group 1: 54.40 (did not qualify for final).


David Smith: Group 2: 14th, 70.94 (did not qualify for final).


Steve Backley: Group 2: 2nd, 81.40. Final: SECOND, 86.80.

Mick Hill: Group 1: 3rd, 82.24. Final: FOURTH, 86.54.

Nick Nieland: Group 1: 14th, 74.52 (did not qualify for final).

4x100m relay

Ian Mackie, Marlon Devonish, Doug Walker, Julian Golding, Darren Braithwaite, Dwain Chambers: 1st rd: 1st, 38.47.

4x400m relay

Iwan Thomas, Mark Richardson, Jamie Baulch, Roger Black, Sean Baldock, Mark Hylton: Semifinal: 1st, 3.00.19



Simmone Jacobs: 1st rd: 6th, 11.58 (did not qualify for second round).

Marcia Richardson: 1st rd: 6th, 11.65 (did not qualify for second round).


Katherine Merry: 1st rd: 5th, 23.20. 2nd rd: 8th, 23.98 (did not qualify for semi-finals).

Simmone Jacobs: 1st rd: 3rd, 23.23; 2nd rd: 8th, 23.49 (did not qualify for semi-finals).


Donna Fraser: 1st rd: 2nd, 52.51; 2nd rd: did not start.

Allison Curbishley: 1st rd: 3rd, 51.97; 2nd rd: 6th, 51.42 (did not qualify for final).


Kelly Holmes: withdrew.


Kelly Holmes: 1st rd: did not finish.


Paula Radcliffe: Semi-final: 2nd, 15.27.25


Sally Goldsmith: 28th 2.44.20

Caroline Hunter-Rowe: 47th 3.01.01

Angharad Mair: 23rd 2.42.31

Danielle Sanderson: 35th 2.49.03

100m hurdles

Diane Allahgreen: 1st rd: 2nd, 13.03

Angie Thorp: 1st rd: 5th, 13.08 (did not qualify for final).

400m hurdles

Sally Gunnell: 1st rd: 2nd, 54.53. 2nd rd: did not start.

High jump

Debbi Marti: Group 2: 1.89 (did not qualify for final)

Long jump

Jo Wise: Group 2: 6.52m (did not qualify for final).

Triple jump

Ashia Hansen: Group 1: 1st, 14.77; Final: FIFTH, 14.49.

Michelle Griffith: Group 2: 12th, 13.67 (did not qualify for final).


Judy Oakes: Group 2: 17.84 (did not qualify for final).


Shelley Drew: Group 1: 53.96 (did not qualify for final).


Tessa Sanderson: Group 2: 9th, 57.84 (did not qualify for final).

Shelly Holroyd: Group 1: 13th, 51.06 (did not qualify for final).


Denise Lewis: SECOND, 6,654pts

4x400m relay

Donna Fraser, Allison Curbishley, Michelle Pierre, Michelle Thomas, Lorraine Hanson. Semi-final: 3rd, 3.25.78.