Athletics: IAAF defends drug action

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UK ATHLETICS was discomfited yesterday by a brusque response from the International Amateur Athletics Federation over the publication in their newsletter of 400 metre hurdler Gary Cadogan's name in a list of athletes facing doping charges.

Lawyers representing Cadogan have demanded an inquiry and an apology from the IAAF president, Primo Nebiolo, claiming that the publication by the IAAF breached the athlete's right to confidentiality because he has not had a disciplinary hearing.

"This is our procedure and we have to follow it for all the athletes in 210 member countries," an IAAF spokesman said. "You can't have a rule for one country and another rule for another country. If there's a decision made by the national federation in this matter, we give publicity to the decision because we have to bring it to the attention of other national federations.

"I'm sad that this gives problems to UK Athletics, and I'm sorry for this guy. But what can we do? We have not breached our rules, and UK Athletics hasn't breached its rules."