Athletics: Jackson's mission: British team for Paris

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COLIN JACKSON yesterday accepted the challenge of going for a unique double at the European Indoor Championships in Paris next month - but other British luminaries have snubbed the event.

Jackson, who has been selected to tackle both the 60 metres sprint and 60m hurdles, is the only World Championship medallist in the 25-strong team, with Linford Christie, Sally Gunnell, Jon Edwards, Steve Smith, John Regis and Tony Jarrett having all turned down invitations.

The British team were announced on the same day Regis and Jarrett revealed they had accepted the opportunity of competing in July's Goodwill Games in St Petersburg, alongside Jackson and Gunnell.

Jackson sees the event as a fine opportunity to sharpen up for the 'serious stuff' outdoors while adding to his burgeoning collection of golds at his Vale of Glamorgan home.

Already having equalled the world 60m hurdles record this season, he should be untouchable in that event and, in Christie's absence, will start as the fastest 60m man in the field on 1994 form.

GREAT BRITAIN (European Indoor Championships, Paris, 11-13 March): MEN: 60m: C Jackson (Brecon), M Rosswess (Birchfield). 200m: S Wariso (Haringey), P Goedluck (Belgrave). 400m: M Richardson (Windsor), D Ladejo (Belgrave), J Baulch (Newport). 800m: G Brown (Cabersport). 1500m: D Strang (Haringey). 3,000m: J Mayock (Barnsley), M Barnes (Enfield). 60m hurdles: Jackson, H Teape (Enfield). High jump: D Grant (Haringey), B Reilly (Corby). Triple jump: J Golley (Thames Valley). Shot: P Edwards (Belgrave). Heptathlon: A Kruger (Border). WOMEN: 200m: M Richardson (Windsor). 400m: M Neef (Glasgow). 3,000m: S McGeorge (Brighton). 60m hurdles: C Court (Birchfield), S Farquharson (Croydon). Long jump: Y Idowu (Oxford). Triple jump: M Griffith (Windsor), A Hansen (Ilford).