Athletics: Livingston lodges appeal over ban

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JASON LIVINGSTON yesterday lodged an appeal against his four- year ban for drug abuse as his advisers continued to seek information which they claimed had been withheld from the athlete's original hearing last month.

Livingston, who also faces a life ban from the Olympics after testing positive for the illegal anabolic steroid, methandianone, will face a three-man independent committee which is likely to be chaired by a QC. 'At the present time the analytical information previously requested from the British Athletic Federation has not been supplied,' a statement from Livingston's advisers said. 'It has once again been requested and it is hoped that it will shortly be made available for consideration by the scientific and legal advisers acting on behalf of Jason Livingston.'

Professor Peter Radford, head of the BAF Drug Advisory Group, countered this by insisting that Livingston had been provided with all the information relevant to the sample that prompted the ban. 'Any details about pre- screening samples would have no effect on the fact that sophisticated devices showed up positive traces on the A and B samples.'

The BAF's Tony Ward said the appeal would be heard 'very quickly'. If it is rejected, Livingston can take his case to the International Amateur Athletic Federation. Thereafter, he could turn to the courts.