Athletics: Temple debate continues

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OLYMPIANS turned out in force at a memorial service in London yesterday to honour Cliff Temple, the journalist whose suicide has pushed athletics into crisis.

But the service at the 'journalists' church' of St Bride's took place against growing disquiet over the fact that the Andy Norman controversy has still not been resolved by British athletics authorities.

Nearly 400 friends and colleagues of Temple, including Steve Ovett, Dave Moorcroft, Dave Bedford and Bruce Tulloh, attended an emotional service for the former Sunday Times correspondent and athletics coach.

Meanwhile, at its Birmingham headquarters, the British Athletic Federation was continuing its already month-long inquiry into allegations that its promotions officer, Norman, contributed to Temple's suicide with a blackmail threat.

Randall Northam, chairman of the British Athletics Writers' Association, said yesterday: 'Why is it taking BAF so long? We hope it is not a cynical attempt by BAF to wait until the indoor season is over until they announce any conclusions.'