ATHLETICS:City in tune with Modahl event

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Liverpool council yesterday reaffirmed its support for Vicente Modahl, whose promotion of a musical indoor high jump competition in the city on 21 February has been adversely affected following the positive drug test on his wife, Diane, writes Mi ke Rowbottom.

The Modahl case has lost considerable sponsorship for the innovative event, the field for which includes the former world record holder, Patrik Sjoberg, the European champion, Steinar Hoen, and Liverpool's own European silver medallist, Steve Smith.

But Joe Devaney, the chairman of Liverpool's sport and leisure sub-committee, said that the organisers were "very hopeful" the event would go ahead, and said the council was "100 per cent behind Modahl" in his efforts.

"We are not concerned by the problems which have affected Vicente's wife," Devaney said. "You can have as many hypothetical questions as you want, but Vicente is getting the best high jumpers in the world for Liverpool."

Norman Wilkinson, the head of Liverpool's sport and recreation services, estimated that about £20,000 was required to put on the show, the total budget for which is around £35,000.