Australia take time to recover

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Australia need a handsome victory over Canada in their World Cup Group A match in Port Elizabeth today as they seek to put their title drive back on track.

Bob Dwyer, the coach, admits it has "taken a while to bounce back" from their 27-18 defeat by South Africa in the opening game. The defending champions expect Canada to be a tough proposition, although they have risked including many of their second-string players.

Ian Birtwell, the Canadian coach, has sought to give his side a better chance in the line-outs by bringing in Gareth Rowlands, Gordon MacKinnon and John Hutchinson as well as changing his hooker.

AUSTRALIA (v Canada, Port Elizabeth, today): M Burke; D Campese (both New South Wales), J Little, T Horan (both Queensland), J Roff (ACT); M Lynagh (Queensland, capt), P Slattery (Queensland); T Daly, P Kearns, M Hartill, W Waugh (all New South Wales), J Eales (Queensland), W Ofahengaue (New South Wales), I Tabua (Queensland), T Gavin (New South Wales).

CANADA: S Stewart (University of British Colombia); W Stanley (UBC), C Stewart (UBC), S Gray (Vancouver Kats), D Lougheed (Toronto Welsh); G Rees (Oak Bay, capt), J Graf (UBC); E Evans (UBC), K Svoboda (Ajax Wanderers), R Snow (Dogs), M James (Burnaby Lake), G Rowlands (Velox Valhallians), J Hutchinson (UBC), A Charron (Ottawa Irish), G MacKinnon (Britannia Lions).

Referee: P Robin (France).