Australian rider dies after fall

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Anna Savage, the Australian cross-country rider, died in hospital yesterday from injuries suffered in a fall during a competition at the Naracoorte trials, Adelaide, on Saturday. Savage's injuries occurred near the end of Saturday's event when her horse stumbled, causing her to fall and hit the ground head first. The Atlanta Olympic three-day event gold medalist, Gillian Rolton, was also injured in a fall at the same trials, but was later released from hospital.

ROYAL WINDSOR HORSE SHOW (Berks): Samsung Nations Cup: 1 Great Britain - Virtual Village Showtime (N Skelton) 4 faults, 4 faults; Virtual Village It's Otto (G Billington) zero, zero; Senator Tees Hanauer (R Smith) 4.75, 4; Virtual Village Ashley (M Whitaker) 4.5; zero - total 12.5. 2 Ireland 16.75; 3 Germany 24.25; 4 The Netherlands 66.75; 5 Belgium 70.5. Eton Accumulator: 1 Virtual Village Randi (J Whitaker, GB) 36pts, 44.14secs; 2 Vink Powerlady (E van der Vleuten, Neth) 36, 46.10; 3 Antigone du Nabiet (D de Meersman, Bel) 36, 48.08. Harrods International Driving Grand Prix: Horse teams: 1 Y Chardon (Neth) 122.1 penalties; 2 F Brasseur (Bel) 125.1; 3 W Ulrich (Swit) 146.1. Pony teams: 1 E Flerackers (Bel) 135.6; 2 G Frith (GB) 143.5; 3 U Hirschberg (GB) 166.2. Other winners: Single horse: J Bannister (GB); Horse pair: G Bowman IV (GB); Single pony: M Winder (GB); Pony pair: H Elfrich (Ger).