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Q. How long have Everton's players run out to the strains of the Z Cars theme at Goodison Park? Has a different tune been played during that period? And which football club holds the record for the longest- playing tune?

A. Everton have run out on to the pitch to the theme from Z Cars since the 1962-63 season. The tune is actually based on a sea-shanty called "Johnny Todd", a tune that was familiar to the occupants of a port city.

In 1994, Mike Walker, the manager, decided to replace the tune with something a bit more modern - this turned out to be from the band 2 Unlimited.

The Everton faithful rebelled and 2 Unlimited's stay at Goodison Park was only slightly shorter than that of Mike Walker.

Helen Moss, Cambridge


Q. How does Gaelic football flourish in Ireland when it has no international flavour?

Kevin Maguire, Batley

Q. Have England ever played Scotland at cricket?

Tim Mickleburgh, Grimsby

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