Barcelona backlash continues: World's most-watched sports videos

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Barcelona FC continues to attract attention in the wake of a four-match run against Real Madrid, most specifically the team's spirited encounter during the Champions League semi-final first leg.

Video clips from the match occupy the top three slots on YouTube's sports channel for the week ending May 11. Pundits and viewers alike debate the sportsmanship on display from both sides - most notably, centering around Pepe's tackle on Dani Alves that saw the Madrid man sent off.

Chinese video side Tudou continues the Champions League theme with a rundown of the competition's best players, before attentions turn to a football fracas in Kazakhstan and heroics from Hartlepool's goalkeeper.

Japan's Nicovideo features an unusual looping pitch from baseball star Kaz Tadano, the bone-crunching 2002 fight between MMA legends Ernesto Hoost and Bob 'The Beast' Sapp (Sapp sustained a broken hand and ribs before winning), and Olympic gold medallist figure skater Yuna Kim with her interpretation of La Roux's "Bulletproof."

Dailymotion viewers propelled the May 9 Premier League meeting between Liverpool and Fulham into third, while Manchester United's domestic and European endeavors occupy first and second.

YouTube's most watched sports videos of the week (total views)
1) ' Pepe didn't touch Alves' (3,064,687)
2) ' TV evidence shows Pepe didn't touch Alves' (1,885,094)
3) Mascherano, Pedro, Busquets - My face hurts (1,952,022)

Tudou's most watched sports videos of the week
1) ' The Champions League's best players' (274,148)
2) ' Scud missile! Kazakh footballer banned for life' (109,170)
3) Super-goalie saves and scores - Hartlepool FC (91,144)

Nicovideo's most watched sports videos of the week (requires free registration)
1) ' Tadano vs Cabrera, funny baseball pitch' (250,203)
2) ' Ernesto Hoost vs Bob Sapp' - MMA K1 QF 2002 (149,427)
3) ' Yuna Kim skates to La Roux' Bulletproof WFSC'11' (36,390)

Dailymotion's most watched sports videos of the week
1) Manchester United v Chelsea - May 8 EPL (167,192)
2) Manchester United v Schalke 04 - May 4 CL (136,633)
3) Fulham v Liverpool - May 9 EPL (130,702)