Baseball: Jordan 'just happy to have tried'

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MICHAEL JORDAN has demonstrated that he has come to terms with the fact that his future as a major league baseball player is almost non-existent.

Jordan retired from professional basketball last year after winning three NBA titles and an Olympic gold medal in Barcelona with the American 'Dream Team'. He has since been trying his luck with the Chicago White Sox, but his hitting has proved to be somewhat inferior to his dunking.

Jordan has been accused of dragging down baseball's reputation, and yesterday he said: 'My attempt if anything brings more respect to baseball. As a world-class athlete many people thought I could step in and play right away.

'Some of these guys might have a pot belly, but they are good athletes, and they all can do something real good or they wouldn't be here.

'There is lots of wrist action in baseball, more than in basketball. The way you use your hands is different. And different muscles are used all over your body.'

Despite his on-field shortcomings, the White Sox can have no complaints about Jordan's drawing power, as most of their games have sold out in advance.

Jordan will go down one grade, to Triple A, but does not want to go further down, to Double A. 'Whatever happens now I am satisfied with having tried,' Jordan said. 'I did this for myself, not the fans, even though they have been wonderful about it.'