Basketball: Cadle's plan undermined

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Before he has the chance to discover whether his latest line-up is strong enough to make an impact in Europe, the Guildford Kings coach, Kevin Cadle, has been told his team is too strong and too expensive for the Carlsberg League and he must dismantle it.

Guildford, who won all four domestic titles last season as Kingston, have exceeded the salary cap, which varies from pounds 72,000 to pounds 90,000 for each club.

Guildford have been told they must sit out two players from each First Division game. Cadle could have done without this distraction as he prepared for tonight's second leg of Kings' preliminary round tie against Kalev Tallinn in the European Championship for men's clubs at the Crystal Palace national sports centre. The Estonians lead 80-75 from the first leg.

GUILDFORD KINGS (v Kalev Tallinn): A Byrd, K Brown, D Thompkins (US), A Cummings, C Miller, T Gordon, M Henlan, T Shoulders (US), M Olokotan, J Streeter.