Beadsworth battles into contention

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Andy Beadsworth produced a strong result when he most needed it yesterday to secure a place in the Soling class final eight play-off at the French Olympic Week regatta here.

"We made the match racing, that's what counts. Now the game starts again," said a jubilant crewman Adrian Stead, who had been praying for lighter weather in a week of strong breezes.

Conditions were almost too light, but Beadsworth, Stead and Barry Parkin worked steadily up to sixth in a race won with supreme authority by the reigning Olympic gold medallist, Jesper Bank of Denmark.

As attempts to run a second race were abandoned, that had to be enough and now Britain's representative in Savannah first faces a round-robin of the bottom four, with two going through to make up the final six as in the Olympic system.