Blinded by red mist

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Blinded by red mist

From Mr M Salt

Sir: With his reference to "the cold bath of life after Old Trafford", Chris Maume (Independent, 12 Feb) betrays the vanity which so irks many of us non-believers about United fans.

Johnny Giles, Paul McGrath, Peter Beardsley, Gordon Strachan and Jim Leighton did not do so badly after leaving United, while Dion Dublin and Keith Gillespie haven't exactly faded into obscurity either.

In fact, the converse seems to be true; numerous players, from Ian Storey- Moore through Garry Birtles, Mike Phelan, Alan Brazil, Peter Davenport and Neil Webb to Andy Cole, have been reduced from major talents to bit- part players in the so-called Theatre of Dreams.

Yours in Blue,