Bosing: Board backs scheme for global control

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The British Board is to fund a study of the sport with the aim of unifying regulations worldwide. The initiative has been outlined by the president and chairman, Sir David Hopkin, who believes that boxing would benefit from stronger global control.

"The creation of a world control, at least to get uniformity of medical and boxing rules has long been the aim of the Board's general secretary John Morris," Sir David said. "Now there are signs that commissions around the world might well be interested."

A mandatory eight count, employed widely in boxing, will not be introduced into British rings, despite a move from the Midlands Area Council. The Board's medical advisors believe that such counts can only lead to an increase in the accumulative level of punishment.

Frank Bruno's fourth shot at a world title, against the World Boxing Council heavyweight champion, Oliver McCall, is expected to be announced at the weekend, and staged at Wembley Stadium on 22 July.

The World Boxing Organisation has ordered that the Steve Collins-Chris Eubank rematch go ahead by 31 July. The promoter, Frank Warren, is aiming to stage it in Dublin on 29 July, beating the deadline by two days.