Bowled over by the B team with the B team

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Q. I notice that the first seven names on Blackpool's teamsheet recently all began with the letter B. Does anyone know of any team who have bettered this?

A. The Durham v Surrey County Championship cricket match at Durham University, starting on 31 July 1992, contained between the two counties 11 players with names beginning with the letter B - five players for Durham (Botham, Bainbridge, Berry, Briers and Simon Brown) and six for Surrey (Darren and Martin Bicknell, Alistair Brown, Bryson, Boiling and Benjamin).

All 20 Durham wickets fell to bowlers beginning with B! - David Seymour, London SE4


Q. Who is the only Formula One driver to have become World champion without winning a grand prix in his championship year? - Joe Delahunty, Shepperton

Q. Which teams in the Premiership and First Division have the worst and best record for playing matches in inclement weather and why do clubs in close proximity have the ability to make matches playable or no - recently Crystal Palace/Wimbledon did not play, yet Charlton did? - M Schwarz, Lingfield

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