Boxing: Bowe's purse withheld after arrests

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Bowe's purse withheld after arrests

Riddick Bowe will not be paid for his victory over Andrew Golota until the inquiry into the riot that followed the infamous fight on Thursday night is completed. The New York State Athletic Commission chief Larry Mandelker said that the pounds 3.3m pay cheque would not be released to Bowe until the heavyweight boxer and his manager, Rock Newman, fully co-operated with police. "I instructed Madison Square Garden and HBO [television network not to pay until the investigation is over," Mandelker said. "Right now we're working hand in glove with the police on this case. Newman and Bowe promised co-operation, and just to be sure that co-operation continues to be forthcoming, we're withholding Bowe's money." Members of Bowe's entourage have been blamed for Thursday's riot, which followed Golota's disqualification in the seventh round for hitting Bowe with a low blow. Sixteen arrests have been made, four members of Bowe's camp have been charged, including Bowe's nephew Stephen, and the New York Police Commissioner, Howard Safir, said that Jason Harris, wanted on charges of assault and reckless endangerment, had given himself up late on Friday. "At this point as far as we can tell the people who did the assaulting were connected to the Bowe camp," Safir said. "But until further investigation I can't tell you what their exact connection to Bowe is." Newman said earlier that he had given police the name of the man who allegedly hit Golota on the back of the head with a mobile phone although it is not clear whether the name was that of Harris.