Boxing: Danes ban 'outrageous' WBO

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THE World Boxing Organisation, whose champions include Chris Eubank, Herbie Hide and Steve Robinson, was yesterday banned from operating in Denmark, writes Ken Jones.

This fresh blow to the faltering credibility of the WBO - outlawed by France in 1990 - follows widespread dissatisfaction with its activities. No further WBO championship contests will be allowed in Denmark, all fighters licensed by the Danish Professional Boxing Federation have been withdrawn from the WBO ratings and DPBF licence holders will not be permitted to act as judges or referees for WBO title bouts.

In announcing this, the DPBF said: 'This drastic decision has been prompted by the desire to avoid future scandals of the kind which have marred our relationships with the WBO, including the manipulation of boxers and the exploitation of managers and promoters who are obliged to agree to outrageous options terms. 'Dignity, Democracy and Honesty', the WBO's motto, are noble words and intentions but are misapplied to an organisation whose officials repeatedly abuse their supposedly unpaid position by using it as an excuse to travel the world first-class.' While the British Boxing Board remains affilated, despite some controversial decisions, so little is thought of the WBO championship ratings in the US that they are not published by the Associated Press.