Boxing: Florida scandal

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THE HEAD of the Florida state athletic commission has been fired for taking $100,000 (approximately pounds 64,000) from Don King and then trying to influence the rest of the regulatory board to help the boxing promoter.

Governor Jeb Bush removed Morris "Mike" Scionti after Florida's inspector general determined there was a conflict of interest. Commissioner Jack Guggino told investigators that Scionti approached King and other promoters asking for help with a foundation that purportedly would help boxers pay for outside-the-ring expenses such as their education. King's $100,000 gift was the only donation to the foundation, the report said. The inspector general's report also found that more than half the money went to the foundation's director.

After the donation, Scionti advocated to the athletic commission that it reverse its policy of excluding long-term contracts between promoters and fighters, a change King sought, the report said.

Scionti "committed improper and or unethical acts", Bush said.