Boxing: King robbed at gunpoint

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DON KING found his fame as the world's most famous boxing promoter of little help when four armed men stopped his car in Mexico City.

King, who is known for his stand-up hairdo, had a gun put to his head and was relieved of his wristwatch shortly after he arrived to promote a fight.

The showman promoter refused to confirm reports that the watch was a diamond-encrusted Rolex worth $100,000 (pounds 66,000). "It was a shiny doodad, a little bauble, a gaudy little thing that sparkles," he said. "A mere pittance when you start talking about your life. The watch or wealth means nothing, it's only material."

King, who was "grateful to God" for escaping alive, described how the gunmen stopped his car and another vehicle behind him. "They were putting the guns right to our heads. It was a terrifying experience," he said. "All they took were watches. It was over in a couple of minutes. Had they known I was Don King, I am confident they never would have stopped me."

Lawyers for King began a High Court action in London on Wednesday against his former business partner, Frank Warren, alleging that Warren owes the American money.