Boxing: King spreads his domain to UK

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FOLLOWING his acrimonious and very public split from Frank Warren, Don King now seems intent on going it alone in Britain. The American boxing supremo has decided to apply for a promotion licence in the UK. "If British promoters can get a licence in America, most certainly American promoters should be able to be licensed in Britain," he said. If he succeeds, he would become the first foreigner to be granted a promoter's licence in this country.

The odds are in his favour, as there appears to be no law against such a move. The only potential stumbling block could be the British Boxing Board of Control's requirement that a promoter must first stage four shows in the UK before they can promote a world-title fight. The general consensus is, however, that King's proven track record may persuade the board to let him off.

Another option may be for King to team up with the new Frank in his life, Maloney, whom he holds in high esteem. "Would I love to have him? Yes," said King.

The one other person King would dearly like to have, is Naseem Hamed. "I would love to promote Naz if he wants to be promoted," he insisted. His chances are slim, though as Hamed seems intent on staying in control himself.

King had little to say about Tyson's comeback fight, preferring instead to promote the Lennox Lewis v Evander Holyfield title bout on 13 March. King talked of Lewis finally putting himself on the world map: "It will be the Scarlet Pimpernel [Lewis] against Mr Clean [Holyfield]."