Boxing: Lewis and Holyfield finally fix showdown

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LENNOX LEWIS' world title unification fight against Evander Holyfield, the World Boxing Association and International Boxing Federation champion, was agreed in London last night.

Frank Maloney, Lewis's manager, said the fight will take place in February or March, probably in Las Vegas. "The only thing that can stop it now is if either fighter does not agree with the terms," said the World Boxing Council champion's manager after negotiations with Holyfield's promoter, Don King.

Although now financial terms have been revelaed, it is believed that Holyfield will be paid the $20m (pounds 12m) he wanted and Lewis (48m.

King said the deal was done between the promoters once pay-per-view rights had been agreed. Lewis has a deal with Home Box Office, while King's fights are usually on Showtime.

"Everybody has gotten what they wanted. The problems have been resolved because we're deferring to Lennox and fighting on his network," King said.

A Las Vegas court ruled against Mike Tyson yesterday in his fight to keep out the results of psychological examinations on him private. The tests were requested by the Nevada Athletic Commission to help them decide whether the former heavyweight champion should be given a new licence to box.