Boxing: Lewis invokes Tyson's power

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LENNOX LEWIS says that he intends to remind 'Razor' Ruddock of two of the most painful evenings of his life in the ring when they meet in a heavyweight title eliminator at Earl's Court on Saturday week.

The nightmares that Lewis wants Ruddock to relive are his two defeats at the hands of Mike Tyson. In the second, the Canadian finished with a broken jaw and grotesquely swollen features. 'When I hit Razor, he'll have flashbacks of those fights against Tyson,' Lewis said.

'My training in America has gone really well. The fight can't come quick enough for me. I think it will be a technical fight. Razor will come out using his power attack and when he finds it isn't doing any good, he'll switch his style. He'll have to.

'Sure, Ruddock is getting expert advice from a former world champion in Floyd Patterson, but a lot will depend on if he wants to listen to it, or go about fighting his own way, which he's done in the past. He could forget about everything Floyd has been teaching him.

'A lot of people in the States are more interested in this fight than in Evander Holyfield's title defence against Riddick Bowe next month. Razor's got that terrific left hook and a right hand nobody talks about. I know it's there and I'll be watching out for it.'

The mean streak shown by Lewis's big rival, his fellow Briton Frank Bruno, was evident in Saturday's bruising fight against Pierre Coetzer at Wembley. But Lewis, while agreeing that top heavyweights must look after themselves, puts the onus on referees to keep it clean. 'I've seen plenty of clean heavyweight fights and I blame it on the referee if it gets unruly,' he said. 'If a fighter thinks he can get away with fouls, he'll do it. I'm not the kind of person to let it happen to me and not do something about it. In any case, Ruddock isn't a dirty fighter.'

Several sparring partners came and went while Lewis was busy preparing in Pennsylvania, but one survivor was Mike Weaver, the former World Boxing Association champion, who was beaten by Lewis last year.

Weaver has also fought and lost to Ruddock, on points, and he is tipping Lewis. Weaver said: 'Ruddock got the decision over me and ran a lot. After fighting both men I think Lennox is the better of the two, although he must watch out for Ruddock's powerful left hook and upppercut.'

Lewis, meanwhile, is donating pounds 15,000 worth of tickets to the National Union of Mineworkers from his own purse. He has also changed his mind about inviting the Prime Minister, John Major, to the fight because of the 'disturbing' mine closures.