BOXING: Maloney's outrage over rumours of Lewis split

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Maloney's outrage over rumours of Lewis split

Lennox Lewis' manager Frank Maloney expressed shock last night at rumours that the British boxer is set to part company with him. Lewis' promoter, the businessman Panos Eliades, launched an astonishing verbal assault on Maloney in a television interview recorded a month ago but shown for the time on Friday night. Eliades claimed that Maloney would be sacked after the Evander Holyfield unification fight no matter what the result was. It is believed the disagreement relates to Maloney's dealings with the American promoter Don King. "It's come from Panos Eliades and not Lennox Lewis," said Maloney in a radio interview last night. "So unless Lennox Lewis tells me I am out of work then I am still the manager." In the interview, Eliades, speaking in the presence of Lewis' brother Dennis, said: "Don't even start about Frank Maloney. He's out, he's out. If this is showing on 12 March, Frank better not be watching this because he'll be out on 13 March."