Boxing: McCall threatens to fly home if fined

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Oliver McCall yesterday warned Frank Bruno and British boxing: "Fine me and I go home." The World Boxing Council heavyweight champion is due to appear before the British Boxing Board of Control disciplinary committee on Monday for his "vengeance" threat to Bruno, whom he fights on 2 September at Wembley Stadium.

McCall had reportedly promised to inflict serious damage on Bruno to get even for the severe injuries suffered by his close friend, Gerald McClellan, at the hands of Nigel Benn.

The American later said there was no ill feeling between himself and Bruno and yesterday insisted: "If they fine me one pin, I'm on the plane."

Speaking from his Henlow Grange training camp in Bedfordshire, McCall stressed: "I didn't have to come back to Britain. I beat Lennox Lewis and I'm giving Bruno the opportunity. I'm giving your country the opportunity to have a heavyweight champion again. Don't you understand that?

"I don't have to fight here. I like the people, I like the surroundings, but don't shoo me off, especially without trying for the belt. It doesn't sound right."

McCall said Bruno had done "a good job" on South Africa's Gerrie Coetzee, but said it was the only performance which had impressed him. "He makes a lot of mistakes, I haven't seen a fight where he was a technician. If I had his skills I wouldn't want to fight for the title. I'd say: 'Hey, let's hang the gloves up and give me some weights. This is Mr Universe time'."

n Jay Bright, a long-time friend of Mike Tyson, will serve as the former heavyweight champion's head trainer in his comeback fight against Peter McNeeley on 19 August.