Boxing: Nelson awaits quality

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JOHNNY NELSON spoke yesterday of his frustration at failing to secure a meaningful world cruiserweight title fight after he predictably retained his World Boxing Organisation title in Dagenham on Saturday.

The Sheffield boxer beat a pitiful Willard Lewis in one of the most one- sided bill-toppers seen in Britain. But Nelson, who forced the Canadian to retire on his stool after the fourth round, said: "My job was just to get rid of him. These fights keep me active until the big ones come off. I want to box once every two or three months."

Nelson did all he could against Lewis, who, at just 5ft 10in, admitted two days before the fight that he was "not tall enough" to be a cruiserweight.

"Fabrice Tiozzo [the World Boxing Association champion] is the best France has to offer but he doesn't want to know," Nelson said. "But we're in negotiations with the World Boxing Council champion Juan Carlos Gomez. I can't wait for these people to decide if they're going to box me. I'm not going to hang around and do nothing."