Boxing: Referee Adrian Morgan dies at 68

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Adrian Morgan, formerly one of Britain's leading referees, has died suddenly at the age of 68. An 'A' star official for the British Boxing Board of Control for a decade before his retirement in 1993, Morgan officiated all over the world for the World Boxing Council and the European Boxing Union.

Joe Calzaghe relaunched his super-middleweight career with an easy second- round victory in Bristol on Tuesday night against the Midlands champion, Carlos Christie, who was knocked down four times, then counted out when floored for a fifth. Christie, who was a late replacement for the Spaniard Jose Bayon, was not the challenge that Calzaghe had hoped for: "This was just too easy. I like to test myself and enjoy my boxing. As soon as I hit him, I knew he would fall. In a way, it was a no-win situation," he said.