Boxing: `Scorecards bore mark of the devil'

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Lennox Lewis: When did Evander hit me with a jab? I was chasing him with jabs all night. I felt I was in control the whole fight. What can I say?

Larry O'Connell (British judge who scored the fight a draw): I know I'll get some stick, but it's my decision to call the fight as I see it. When I score each round, I never know what the overall score is going to be.

Frank Maloney (Lewis's manager): Emotions were running high. It's the first time Lennox has shown any emotions. The world knows who is the undisputed champion. Even Stevie Wonder could have seen that Lennox won ... It has tarnished the image of the sport. If Larry O'Connell is put on one of my shows by the British Board of Control I will hand back my promoter's licence... Ten years of hard work, we finally got the fight and we get robbed.

Rick Telander (Chicago Sun-Times): The robbery was so stunning that you almost had to enjoy it. Like watching a three-card monte scam occur in broad daylight in Times Square, in slow motion with a captive audience ... Welcome to New York City, and Boxing USA, where anything is possible.

Mickey Vann (British referee): Women are not fight people. There are two sports where woman should not be allowed - rugby and boxing. Nobody knew the judge - I think she was overawed.

Don King (fight promoter): What you do when you have a dispute is to resolve it. Let's do it again, let's make it happen. The question still hovers over us: Who is the best?

Panos Eliades (Lewis' promoter): Does Evander want to fight Lennox again? I'd say no. He was toying with him in there.

Roy Jones (WBA and WBC light-heavyweight champion): I feel ashamed we treated Lennox Lewis the way we did. I'm upset. Lennox did not lose it, and it wasn't a draw.

Lou Di Bell (senior vice-president of cable network Home Box Office): It stunk. The scoring of the IBF judge was simply not possible. She scored Lewis' most decisive round, the fifth, to Holyfield. This what makes this great sport suffer.

Emanuel Steward (Lewis' trainer): I gave Holyfield three rounds. He looked like Lennox's sparring partner, but this sparring partner was paid $11m.

Frank Bruno (former boxer): Lennox made the fight look easy. He did a wicked, wicked, number on Holyfield. As God is my witness, he was the winner.

Chris Eubank (boxer and pundit): It's a travesty of justice. I will say it publicly: this has messed up my four days in New York.

Frank Warren (promoter and Leyton Orient chairman): I could have been watching Leyton Orient lose instead of this.

Timothy W Smith (New York Times): It wasn't Ali-Frazier I. It was more like a Brinks truck heist ... It is the kind of decision that will hurt boxing as much as Mike Tyson biting Holyfield's ears in 1997.

Wallace Matthews (New York Post): The fight plan may have been drawn up by the Lord, but the scorecards bore the mark of the devil ... It was a night in which the glory and honor of boxing was supposed to return to its former home; instead the stink returned to the air over the ring.