Boxing: Tyson is confined to cell for 20 days

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MIKE TYSON was yesterday ordered to remain in solitary confinement for 20 more days after throwing a television in a recreation room at the Montgomery County jail in Maryland.

Tyson has been segregated from his fellow inmates since last Friday and he will not now rejoin the rest of the jail population until mid-March. He also lost phone and visiting privileges and will not be allowed to participate in group activities at the facility. He will be in an isolated environment for 23 hours a day.

The additional punishment came after he was accused of disorderly conduct, destroying property and assaulting a correctional officer, who was allegedly struck with shards of plastic from the television. Tyson, who has been in solitary confinement since his alleged outburst, started a one-year sentence in February after pleading no contest to charges he assaulted two men following a minor traffic accident last August. He has until 7 March to appeal the sentence.

Tyson's lawyer, Paul Kemp, said the former heavyweight champion's alleged outburst occurred after prison officials began withholding his daily medication on Thursday or Friday.

The prison psychiatrist will not give medication to inmates unless they consult with him, said Kemp, adding that Tyson does not want to see the doctor because he has been under the care of a private psychiatrist. The judge recommended Tyson remain on the medication when he sentenced Tyson, Kemp said.

Tyson also is on probation in Indiana for raping a beauty pageant contestant in an Indianapolis hotel room in 1991. He was released from prison in March 1995 after serving three years. Indiana officials are considering whether to revoke his probation because of his legal problems in Maryland.