Boxing: Warren shows scorn for 'cheap stunt': Lewis's trainer comes under attack from promoter after he taunts Wembley challenger McCall

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NOT content with denouncing rioting fans as 'low-life scum', Frank Warren yesterday turned his scorn towards Lennox Lewis's trainer following another pre-fight stunt.

Warren reacted angrily when Lewis's next opponent, Oliver McCall, walked out of a news conference in London after Lewis's trainer, Pepe Correa, had hurled insults at the American. Correa then threw a flimsy red suspender belt at the challenger and told him: 'This is the only belt you are going to get.' McCall, who fights the World Boxing Council heavyweight champion at Wembley Arena on 25 September, promptly left.

'It was a cheap, ridiculous stunt which had nothing to do with us,' fumed Warren, who is acting on behalf of McCall's manager, Don King. 'McCall conducted himself like a gentleman.'

Correa's outburst came as the challenger's sparring partner Tony Tucker - outpointed by Lewis last year - declared that McCall could win. 'Lewis has a big gun of a right hand,' Tucker said. 'But I don't think he has improved his skills since becoming champion and I'm not sure about his stamina.'

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