Brain scans may be used during fights

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New ultrasound technology may be used to give boxers brain scans between rounds during fights if an experiment by an American doctor proves successful.

Dr Al Capanna is the neurosurgeon who treated Jimmy Garcia after he suffered fatal brain damage during his super bantamweight fight against Gabriel Ruelas in Las Vegas last month.

Capanna, taking part in a review of medical assistance given to Garcia, said the first sign the boxer was injured came when he collapsed in his corner after the fight was stopped in the 11th round. Capanna said he was operating on Garcia in a nearby hospital within 40 minutes of his collapse. Garcia died 13 days later without regaining consciousness.

Capanna said that if doctors had known earlier that Garcia was suffering from bleeding in the brain they would have been able to operate more quickly and perhaps prevent brain damage.

Capanna plans to experiment with a portable ultrasound unit to see if doctors can look inside a boxer's head between rounds.

"I don't know if we can do it between rounds but we're going to try it," he said.