Britain gain convincing win in the Nations Cup

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William Funnell jumped two clear rounds on Comex to give Britain a convincing win in the Nations Cup at the Pavarotti Horse Show in Modena, Italy. The team won by 15.75 faults without the need for Tim Stockdale, who was last to go, needing to complete either of his rounds on Toggi Santa's Echo. Funnell also jumped two clear rounds with Comex on Friday, when he was runner-up in the Grand Prix.

PAVAROTTI HORSE SHOW (Modena, Italy): Nations Cup: 1 Great Britain 12.5 faults; 2 Switzerland 28.25; 3 France 36.25; 4 Ireland 36.5; 5 Spain 37.75. GB scores: Comex (W Funnell) clear, clear; Abbervail Dream (D Lampard) 0.5 fault, 4 faults; Tiptoe (J Fisher) 4, 4; Toggi Santa's Echo (T Stockdale) retired in both rounds.