Captain guilty of `disappointment'

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Mike Atherton was treated with sympathy after shaking his head and trudging off slowly when the South African umpire, Cyril Mitchley, gave him out caught behind off Paul Adams on 72. The ball appeared to brush the pad and make no contact with Atherton's bat

Some referees might have viewed his actions as showing dissent, but the match referee, Clive Lloyd, ruled that Atherton had displayed nothing more than disappointment.

"I've no problems with Mike Atherton's departure from the crease," Lloyd said. "If a batsman walks away slowly, that's OK, so long as they walk away."

Lloyd did take exception to the antics of Dominic Cork and South Africa's Brian McMillan. Both were guilty of trying to `wind up' opposition batsmen by making gestures meant to convey that they were reeling them in and would soon get them out.

"It's got to a stage where I don't want anything like that," said Lloyd, who spoke to both team managers, Raymond Illingworth and Alan Jordaan, during the tea interval.

Cork and Mark Ilott had already been spoken by Illingworth after the first day's play following exaggerated celebration at the fall of a wicket.