Collymore benders based on pure skill

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Stan Collymore hasn't got a clue how he does it and neither do goalkeepers, but not for much longer. The secret of his Brazilian-style bananarama shots is out and is it has nothing to do with light balls.

The striker bamboozled Mark Bosnich with a free-kick that almost zig- zagged into the net during Liverpool's 2-0 win at Villa on Wednesday and Leeds' Mark Beaney had been made to look equally baffled by a Collymore swerver in an earlier match at Anfield.

Suspicion lay with the new balls being used in all Premiership matches this season and yesterday the manufacturer of the Ultimax confirmed it is more liable to do tricks in the air.

However, there is deflating news for parks' players. According to Mitre marketing executive Liz Talbot, the Zico dream goal can be achieved only if the ball "is hit with professional skill."

She added: "People are saying the ball is lighter but that's not true because there is regulation weight we must observe. It is all about aerodynamics and what is inside the ball. There won't be any difference if you just can't play."