Boy tries to keep up with Commonwealth Games marathon runners, eats it

Never run in jeans

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A young marathon fan faceplanted in front of millions of viewers when he tried to keep up with Kenyan runners at the Commonwealth Games marathon.

The boy broke into a sprint as the marathon leaders pounded the streets of Glasgow, trying to keep pace with Kenyan duo Flomena Cheyech Daniel and Caroline Kilel, only for his legs to give way under him.

"It was kind of funny as it happened", a witness told the MailOnline, echoing the schadenfreude sentiments of many veiwers on Twitter. "The kid was so excited when he ran with the Kenyans.

"But all of a sudden he was on the ground. I think he just tried to run too fast, his legs seemed to go from underneath him.

"His dad was over pretty quickly but the kid wasn't happy, I think he was crying as he was taken away, must have grazed his elbows."

The boy was the talk of Twitter, with someone with a Sky+ box inevitably capturing the moment on Vine so that those who missed it could catch up – the loop has already racked up over 218,000 views.

Daniel went on to win the race.

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