'Can Richard Funk?' is the big question of the Commonwealth Games

Canadian can swim, but can he funk?

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The 2014 Commonwealth Games has thrown up a lot of important questions so far, questions like "Has a single viewer made it through a whole game of lawn bowls without flicking over to Friends?", "Did the Queen just photobomb a hockey player?" and "WTF is the Commonwealth and why are we competing against nations with 12,000 people?"

Perhaps the biggest mystery has surfaced over at the pool however, regarding Candian breaststroke swimmer Richard Funk and his latent ability to slap the bass.

The collision of his name and his nationality left one Redditor scratching his head over whether or not Richard can funk, though another pointed out that "With a cap like that and goggles like those, how could Richard NOT funk?"

Eventually the question was answered thanks to some quick photoshopping:

can richard funk3.jpg

Funk finished a solid sixth in the Mens 100m breaststroke final, so he may not need to quit his day job just yet (if indeed he can funk) given the genre doesn’t pay what it used to, though things might be different had his name been Richard EDM.