Commonwealth Games 2014: Usain Bolt arrives in Glasgow to confirm he'll run in the men's relay heats

Bolt will also run in the finals providing Jamaica come through their heat as the fastest man in the world has recovered from a foot injury

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Glasgow will be treated to a double dose of Usain Bolt after the world's fastest man confirmed he would run in the heats as well as the final of the 4x100metres relay at the Commonwealth Games.

The Jamaican landed in Scotland on Saturday afternoon to add some much-needed star quality to a Games which have been hit by the withdrawal of high-profile athletes like Mo Farah.

He has yet to race this year after taking time to recover from a foot injury, but told at a packed press conference the problem had "completely gone" and he was in "pretty good shape".

His desire to get races under his belt means he will take to the Hampden Park track next Friday for the relay heats and Saturday for the final - provided, of course, his Jamaican team get the baton round.


"I will be running in the heats - I think I need the runs, really, because this is my first run of the season, so I really need to get it going," the six-time Olympic champion said.

"The injury is completely gone. Fitness-wise I have done a lot of training over this past month - I have been really pushing myself. I think I am in pretty good shape, but I'm not in running shape - that's why I am running the heats, just to get a few runs in.

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"I won't be doing a lot of races this season - just four. So, for me, I am just taking my time, trying to get myself in running shape, but not push myself too much and then get injured again.

Bolt's inclusion will give the Games another boost

"I am focused on getting through the season and getting some races in. (The) Rio (Olympics) are two years away. I have to go to the World Championships (in Beijing in August next year) first, so I'm taking my time and working my way to the World Championships. Then I'll worry about Rio."