Complete guide to the action in Gothenburg

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Saturday 5 August

8.30am 400m (w)

8.40am Shot put (w)

8.50am Triple jump (m)

9.10am 400m (m)

10.00am Hammer (m)

10.05am 100m hurdles (w)

10.45am 100m (m)

11.20am Hammer (m)

2.10pm Marathon (w)

2.45pm 100m (m)

3.00pm Long jump (w)

3.15pm 800m (m)

4.25pm Shot put (w)

4.30pm Marathon (w)

5.15pm 100m hurdles (w)

5.40pm 10,000m (m)

Sunday 6 August

8.30am Decathlon

8.45am Javelin (w)

9.00am 100m (w)

9.15am High jump (m)

9.20am Decathlon

9.55am 100m hurdles (w)

10.15am Javelin (w)

10.20am 10,000m (w)

11.30am Decathlon (m)

1.00pm 20km walk (m)

1.15pm Hammer (m)

2.15pm 20km walk (m)

3.05pm 100m (m)

3.15pm Decathlon

3.25pm 800m (m)

3.50pm Long jump (w)

3.55pm 100m (w)

4.25pm 1500m (w)

5.10pm 100m hurdles (w)

5.25pm 400m (m)

5.55pm 100m (m)

6.10pm 400m (w)

6.35pm 400m (m)

Monday 7 August

8.30am Decathlon

9.15am Decathlon

10.30am Decathlon

11.30am Decathlon

1.30pm Decathlon

2.30pm Decathlon

4.00pm Decathlon

4.05pm 100m (w)

4.20pm Triple jump (m)

4.25pm 10km walk (w)

4.40pm 400m (m)

5.25pm Decathlon (m)

5.30pm 3,000m s'chase (m)

6.25pm 100m (w)

6.40pm 400m hurdles (m)

7.15pm 1500m (w)

7.40pm Decathlon

Tuesday 8 August

3.30pm Shot put (m)

3.30pm High jump (m)

4.05pm 400m hurdles (w)

4.35pm Javelin (w)

4.40pm Triple jump (w)

4.45pm 800m (m)

5.05pm 400m (w)

5.25pm 400m hurdles (m)

6.05pm 10,000m (m)

Wednesday 9 August

8.30am Heptathlon

8.35am Discus (m)

9.20am 200m (w)

9.30am Heptathlon

9.55am Discus (m)

3.30pm Pole vault (m)

3.45pm Heptathlon

4.05pm 400m hurdles (w)

4.25pm 1500m (w)

4.40pm 3,000m (m)

5.20pm 400m (m)

5.30pm Shot put (m)

5.40pm 200m (w)

6.10pm 10,000m (w)

6.55pm Heptathlon

Thursday 10 August

8.30am Discus (w)

8.40am 200m (m)

8.45am Heptathlon

9.40am 5,000m (w)

10.00am Discus (w)

2.15pm Heptathlon

2.45pm 50km walk (m)

3.05pm 200m (w)

3.25pm 800m (w)

3.40pm Heptathlon

3.55pm Triple jump (w)

4.05pm 400m hurdles (m)

4.20pm 200m (m)

4.45pm 1500m (m)

5.35pm 200m (w)

5.55pm Heptathlon

6.15pm 50km walk (m)

6.45pm 5,000m (m)

Friday 11 August

8.30am Javelin (m)

8.40am High jump (w)

9.35am 110m hurdles (m)

10.00am Javelin (m)

3.15pm Pole vault (m)

4.05pm 200m (m)

4.30pm 3,000m s'chase (m)

4.50pm Discus (m)

4.55pm 110m hurdles (m)

5.05pm Long jump (m)

5.30pm 800m (w)

5.50pm 400m hurdles (w)

6.05pm 1500m (m)

6.45pm 200m (m)

6.55pm 5,000m (m)

Saturday 12 August

1.00pm Marathon (m)

4.00pm Discus (w)

4.05pm 4x100m relay (m)

4.40pm Long jump (m)

4.45pm 4x100m relay (w)

5.20pm 110m hurdles (m)

5.50pm 5,000m (w)

6.20pm 4x100m relay (m)

6.40pm 4x100m relay (w)

7.05pm 110m hurdles (m)

7.20pm 4x400m relay (w)

7.50pm 4x400m relay (m)

Sunday 13 August

2.15pm High jump (w)

3.00pm Javelin (m)

3.05pm 4x100m relay (w)

3.20pm 1500m (m)

3.35pm 4x100m relay (m)

3.55pm 800m (w)

4.15pm 5,000m (m)

4.55pm 4x400m relay (w)

5.30pm 4x400m relay (m)

The Great Britain team


100m: Linford Christie, Darren Braithwaite, Jason John.

200m: Linford Christie, John Regis, Solomon Wariso.

400m: Mark Richardson, Roger Black, Adrian Patrick.

800m: Curtis Robb, David Strang.

1500m: John Mayock, Gary Lough, Kevin McKay.

5,000m: Rob Denmark, John Nuttall, Adrian Passey. 10,000m: Paul Evans.

110m hurdles: Neil Owen, Tony Jarrett, Andy Tulloch. 400m hurdles: Gary Cadogan, Gary Jennings, Peter Crampton.

3,000m steeplechase: Spencer Duval, Justin Chaston, Keith Cullen.

Marathon: Richard Nerurkar, Mark Hudspith, Peter Whitehead.

4x100m relay: (from) Linford Christie, Darren Braithwaite, John Regis, Solomon Wariso, Tony Jarrett, Jason John.

4x400m relay: (from) Mark Richardson, Adrian Patrick, Mark Hylton, Roger Black, Iwan Thomas, Du'aine Ladejo, Dave McKenzie.

High jump: Steve Smith, Dalton Grant, Brendan Reilly.

Long jump: Fred Salle.

Triple jump: Francis Agyepong, Jonathan Edwards.

Pole vault: Nick Buckfield.

Discus: Robert Weir.

Javelin: Mick Hill, Steve Backley.

Hammer: Peter Vivian.

Decathlon: Alex Kruger, Simon Shirley.

20km walk: Darrell Stone.

50km walk: Les Morton.


100m: Paula Thomas, Stephanie Douglas, Simmone Jacobs.

200m: Paula Thomas.

400m: Melanie Neef.

800m: Kelly Holmes.

1500m: Kelly Holmes.

5,000m: Paula Radcliffe, Alison Wyeth.

10,000m: Liz McColgan, Jill Hunter, Yvonne Murray.

100m hurdles: Jacqui Agyepong.

Marathon: Alison Rose, Trudi Thompson.

4x100m relay: (from) Stephanie Douglas, Simmone Jacobs, Paula Thomas, Catharine Murphy, Marcia Richardson, Sophia Smith.

4x400m relay: (from) Melanie Neef, Lorraine Hanson, Georgina Oladapo, Stephanie Llewelyn, Sally Gunnell, Susan Rawlinson, Donna Fraser or Linda Keough.

High jump: Lea Haggett.

Triple jump: Michelle Griffith, Ashia Hansen.

Shot: Judy Oakes.

Discus: Jackie McKernan.

Heptathlon: Denise Lewis.

10,000m walk: Lisa Langford.

Four to upset the odds

Cathy Freeman (Aus)

200m and 400m

John Major's blueprint for transforming sport in Britain may have been based largely on Australian ideas, but over the past few years that country's output of outstanding track runners has been modest. Cathy Freeman is an exception, having won the 200m and 400m at the Commonwealth Games. Recently beat Olympic champion Marie- Jo Perec over 400m.

Ghada Shouaa (Syr)


The great German athlete Heike Drechsler should attract attention to this event, which is not usually a crowd-puller. Her main rival could be Shouaa, who comes from Syria and is at present leading the world rankings as well as being the Asian champion. The event promises to be a fascinating meeting between two of the world's finest all-round athletes from totally different backgrounds.

Stephane Diagana (Fr)

400m hurdles

Diagana, of France, suddenly showed that he was a world force in the 400m hurdles when he recently broke Harald Schmid's long-lasting European record with a time of 47.37sec, which was the sixth fastest time ever. In breaking the mark in Lausanne he also beat the American favourite, Derrick Adkins.

Wilson Kipketer (Den)


Kenyans are hardly going to be challenged in most of the long-distance events and even if a Dane should get a medal in the 800m he will be Kenyan born. Kipketer is fourth fastest of all time over the distance. A 24-year- old student, he represented Kenya at the 1990 world junior championships but won a scholarship to Copenhagen and settled.


BBC1 10.45-11.15am, 11.40-5.15pm.

BBC2 5.15-7.20pm.

Sunday 6 August

BBC2 12-5.25pm.

BBC1 5.25-6.35pm.

Monday 7 August

BBC2 3.30-7.35pm.

BBC1 8.30-9pm.

Tuesday 8 August

BBC2 4.00-6.40pm.

BBC1 8.30-9.00pm.

Wednesday 9 August

BBC2 4.00-7.00pm.

BBC1 8.30-9.00pm.

Thursday 10 August

BBC1 10.30-10.50am,


BBC2 3.55-7.30pm,

BBC1 8.30-9.00pm.

Friday 11 August

BBC1 10.30-10.50am. BBC2 3.55-7.40pm.

BBC1 8.30-9.00pm.

Saturday 12 August

BBC1 10.45-7.20pm.

BBC2 7.20-8.15pm.

Sunday 13 August

BBC2 12.30-6.30pm.

BBC1 4.30-6pm.