Court circular; Our man plays Cupid for Desperately Seeking Zoe

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Picture the scene. It was 12 months ago and the sun was shimmering at Wimbledon (cue romantic background music). A young American by the name of Alan Hobbs from Los Angeles got chatting with an English rose named Zoe from Fleet in Hampshire (add swelling violins). A day to cherish and remember followed.

However, once back in the real world (add rumbling drums) the two lost contact (crash of cymbals).

For Alan it was a disaster (silence). "I just couldn't get her out of my mind," he said. Appeals in local newspapers failed to trace the girl of his dreams and, desolate, all he could do to celebrate their "anniverary" was to revisit the scene of their Brief Encounter.

Then, on Monday morning, while reading his Independent he began to tremble (music starts up again - tentatively at first then with increasing vigour). Could it be? It must be? It has to be! He just had to find out.

For there, quoted in black and white, in Tim Glover's account of the crowd reaction to Greg Rusedski was Zoe Parsons from Fleet in Hampshire - "he's cute and got a gorgeous smile."

So, first thing yesterday and hardly able to contain himself, Alan tracked down our man in SW19, melting his heart with his romantic tale (Tim's such a softie!).

So Zoe, if it was you who met and charmed Alan last year and you want to meet him again - he'll be waiting patiently by the statue of Fred Perry at the All England Club today at noon.