Court circular; WINNERS AND LOSERS

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Arantxa Sanchez Vicario

for losing brilliantly

Cedric Pioline

for getting the Court One crowd to chant his distinctly unsporting first name

Caroline Hall

for leaving her head in Tim Henman's line of fire

Greg Rusedski's marketing men

for the union jack bandana gimmick

Marc Rosset

for becoming a "truly great player" in Jeff Tarango's eyes a day after being castigated by him.

Frew McMillan

for raising the level of radio comment to dispassionate analysis

Bruno Rebeuh for making his a household name

The ball manufacturers for taking enough air out of the missiles to slow them down enough to be visible

Shuzo Matsuoka for making Pete Sampras look fleetingly ordinary

Bruno Rebeuh (again) for managing to get Greg Rusedski to stop smiling - if only temporarily


Luke Jensen

for scaremongering when his brother went walkabout

Chris Wilkinson

for upsetting David Lloyd quite so much

David Lloyd

for barely registering on the Pete Sampras recognition scale

Pete Sampras

for forgetting how to be graceful after beating a Brit at Wimbledon - even if the loser was originally Canadian

Anyone getting a rear view of Andre Agassi's "see-through" shorts

Jeremy Bates

for having his doubles campaign aborted through no fault of his own when partner Tim Henman was disqualified

Miles Harrison

for appalling "ships going into their favourite harbour" imagery on radio when Jo Durie exited for the last time

Pam Shriver

for having the most grating accent on TV apart from Lloyd Grossman

Benedicte Tarango obviously

Murphy Jensen for unforgiveable ignorance about London traffic