CRICKET: Alcohol ban for part of Headingley

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YORKSHIRE HAVE decided to ban spectators from bringing alcohol into part of Headingley for England's decisive fifth Test against South Africa next week.

Consultation with the police and other ground safety agencies have led officials to prevent ticket holders for the Western Terrace bringing their own alcohol into the ground, although the this will not apply to spectators in other areas of the ground, who are still allowed to bring up to four cans of beer in.

"We remain committed to the principle of providing a comfortable and safe environment for the average spectator to enjoy international cricket at Headingley without being subject to the anti-social behaviour of the mindless minority," a spokesman for Yorkshire said. "Similar measures are being taken at other provincial Test match venues."

Chief Inspector Ray Shepherd added: "A lot of time and money is spent on the event and we will not allow a handful of ill-behaved idiots to spoil it for everyone else. If they are not in the Headingley ground to enjoy cricket then we will try and make sure they don't get in at all."

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