Cricket: Consolidation follows last year's revolution: The 1994 county fixtures were announced this week. Rob Steen looks forward to a season which will see South Africa return to England

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TO Akela Atherton and his Caribbean-bound cubs, next April must seem half a lifetime away right now. In which case, they ought to have a fairly good idea of how their South African counterparts regard next July, the 21st in particular.

If 1993 is already enshrined as English cricket's season of revolution, its successor can be relied upon to turn the clock back with a vengeance. Signifying as it will their first Test here after 29 turbulent years, South Africa's presence at Lord's on that date should guarantee the biggest knees-up in NW8 since the MCC Bicentenary Test of 1987. Who knows, for a few short days, we might even forget that Botham, Gower, Randall and Richards are no longer here to entertain us.

In common with their fellow tourists, New Zealand - yes, there is a sideshow - South Africa will play three Tests, just as that same pair did when the last expedition from the Republic docked here in 1965. On that occasion, the twin tour was a new-fangled marketing device, introduced that summer to spare the British public the pain of watching inferior opposition steamrollered over the course of a four- or even five-Test rubber. Chance would be a fine thing.

As it transpired, though John Reid's New Zealanders dutifully subsided 3-0, Peter van der Merwe's side, Ali Bacher included, won the only conclusive Test at Trent Bridge. There a 21-year-old left-hander by the name of Graeme Pollock gave notice of a precocious talent with a sublime 125 and the pace of brother Peter wrecked M J K Smith's team with match figures of 10 for 87. With another willow-wielding Pollock, Graeme's son Anthony, learning his lines in the Worcestershire Second XI, what price a superiority complex now?

If there is one to be found on an English or Welsh square next summer, Lord's on 5 May could well provide it. That is when Middlesex begin the

defence of their County Championship title - against Yorkshire. With calls for a two-divisional structure gathering momentum almost as fast as the lobby to revert to 40-overs on Sundays, it seems pertinent to point out that, Durham apart, the Tykes have the worst record in the competition over the past five

seasons. On the other hand, Martyn Moxon and his beleaguered crew may well derive some comfort from the memory of last season's initial outing at Chelmsford, where they trounced the incumbent champions, Essex.

Atherton and company will be in Antigua when the domestic season begins on 13 April, but, war wounds permitting, they should all have installed a couple of new Duracells by the time the Championship opens on 28 April. So, too, should most of their West Indian

opponents. Indeed, with three coming, three going and one switching counties since 1993, 15 of the latter will have tramped the boards in the space of two seasons, the latest inductees being Phil Simmons (Leicestershire), Ottis Gibson (Glamorgan) and Jimmy Adams (Nottinghamshire).

Nottinghamshire needed a stopgap substitute while Chris Cairns was in town with the Kiwis, Warwickshire likewise in the case of Allan Donald and South Africa, yet no fewer than seven counties have imported fresh overseas produce.

Others, mind, have bought British, with Phil DeFreitas (Lancashire to Derbyshire) and Paul Jarvis (Yorkshire to Sussex) among the more noteworthy domestic moves. The most intriguing NatWest first round tie is at Hove, where last year's runners-up will pitch Jarvis in against Michael Kasprowicz, the young Queensland tearaway Essex preferred to Salim Malik and Mark Waugh.

For all its manifold talents, the fixture computer could do with a lesson in diplomacy. Lancashire's new captain, Mike Watkinson, after all, has been granted an early opportunity to avenge the defeat that contributed to Neil Fairbrother's resignation, namely that acrimonious Benson and Hedges Cup final against Derbyshire, a showpiece dominated by beamers rather than seamers, capped by an unseemly tea-time exchange between Wasim Akram and Chris Adams.

Unless the Combined Universities get uppity when Lancashire visit The Parks in next year's first round, Derbyshire - who as holders receive a bye - will host the replay in round two, ie the earliest possible opportunity. Micky Duff and Barry Hearn are understood to have booked sponsors tents already.


April 29 England Amateur XI (tba)

May 1 Duchess of Norfolk's XI (Arundel)

2 Surrey (The Oval)

4-6 Worcestershire (Worcester)

7-9 Somerset (Taunton)

12-14 Middlesex (Lord's)

15 Northants (Northampton)

17 Leicestershire (Leicester)

19 First Texaco Trophy Interna tional (Edgbaston)

21 Second Texaco Trophy Inter national (Lord's)

24-26 * Hampshire (Southamp ton) or Yorkshire (Headingley)

28-30 Essex (Chelmsford)

June 2-6 First Cornhill Test (Trent Bridge)

8-10 * Warwickshire (Edgbaston), Glamorgan (tba) or Surrey (The Oval)

11-13 Gloucestershire (Bristol)

16-20 Second Cornhill Test (Lord's)

22-24 Combined Universities (Fenner's)

25-27 Derbyshire (Derby)

June 30-July 5 Third Cornhill Test (Old Trafford) (rest day July 3)

8 Ireland (tba)

10 Ireland (Dublin)

* Depending on outcome of Benson and Hedges Cup matches.


June 23 Earl of Carnarvon's XI (Highclere)

25-27 Kent (Canterbury)

29-July 1 Sussex (Hove)

2-4 Hampshire (Southampton)

6-8 * Gloucestershire (Bristol) or Derbyshire (Derby)

10 Scotland (tba)

12-14 Durham (tba)

16-18 Northamptonshire (North ampton)

21-25 First Cornhill Test (Lord's)

27-29 * Nottinghamshire (Trent Bridge), Lancashire (Old Trafford) or Worcestershire (Worcester)

30-Aug 1 Leics (Leicester)

4-8 Second Cornhill Test (Head ingley)

10-12 Minor Counties XI (tba)

13-15 Glamorgan (tba)

18-22 Third Cornhill Test (The Oval)

25 First Texaco Trophy Interna tional (Edgbaston)

27 Second Texaco Trophy Inter national (Old Trafford)

* Depending on outcome of NatWest Trophy matches


April 26 Benson and Hedges Cup first round (one day).

May 10 Benson and Hedges Cup second round (one day).

24 Benson and Hedges Cup quarter-finals (one day).

June 7 Benson and Hedges Cup semi-finals (one day).

21 NatWest Bank Trophy first round (one day).

29 Oxford University v Cambridge University, Varsity match, Lord's (3 days).

July 6 NatWest Bank Trophy second round (one day).

9 Benson and Hedges Cup final, Lord's (one day).

26 NatWest Bank Trophy quarter-finals (one day).

August 4 England Under-19 v India Under-19, Cardiff (one day).

6 England Under-19 v India Under-19, Bris tol (one day).

9 NatWest Bank Trophy semi-finals (one day).

11 England Under-19 v India Under-19, Taunton (four days).

25 England Under-19 v India Under-19, Headingley (four days).

September 3 NatWest Bank Trophy final, Lord's (one day).

8 England Under-19 v India Under-19, Edgbaston (four days).


April 28 Durham, Chesterfield (* CC)

May 5 Hampshire, Southampton (CC)

8 Hampshire, Southampton (SL)

12 Surrey, The Oval (CC)

15 Surrey, The Oval (SL)

19 Worcestershire, Derby (CC)

22 Worcestershire, Derby (SL)

26 Nottinghamshire, Ilkeston (CC)

29 Nottinghamshire, Ilkeston (SL)

June 9 Leicestershire, Derby (CC)

12 Leicestershire, Derby (SL)

16 Glamorgan, Cardiff (CC)

19 Glamorgan, Swansea (SL)

21 Gloucestershire, Bristol (NWT)

25 New Zealand, Derby (F)

30 Middlesex, Derby (CC)

July 3 Middlesex, Derby (SL)

10 Durham, Derby (SL)

14 Lancashire, Blackpool (CC)

17 Lancashire, Old Trafford (SL)

21 Northants, Northampton (CC)

24 Northants, Northampton (SL)

28 Warwickshire, Chesterfield (CC)

31 Warwickshire, Chesterfield (SL)

Aug 4 Gloucestershire, Chesterfield (CC)

7 Gloucestershire, Chesterfield (SL)

11 Sussex, Eastbourne (CC)

14 Sussex, Eastbourne (SL)

18 Kent, Derby (CC)

21 Kent, Derby (SL)

30 Yorkshire, Sheffield (CC)

Sept 4 Yorkshire, Headingley (SL)

8 Essex, Derby (CC)

11 Essex, Derby (SL)

15 Somerset, Taunton (CC)

18 Somerset, Taunton (SL)


April 13 Oxford Univ, The Parks (F)

28 Derbyshire, Chesterfield (* CC)

May 5 Essex, Stockton-on-Tees (CC)

8 Essex, Stockton-on-Tees (SL)

12 Nottinghamshire, Trent Bridge (CC)

15 Nottinghamshire, Trent Bridge (SL)

19 Gloucestershire, Gateshead Fell (CC)

22 Gloucestershire, Gateshead Fell (SL)

June 2 Warwickshire, Edgbaston (CC)

5 Warwickshire, Edgbaston (SL)

9 Northants, Hartlepool (CC)

12 Northants, Hartlepool (SL)

16 Sussex, Hove (CC)

19 Sussex, Hove (SL)

21 Cheshire, Bowdon (NWT)

23 Middlesex, Lord's (CC)

26 Middlesex, Lord's (SL)

30 Surrey, Darlington (CC)

July 3 Surrey, Darlington (SL)

10 Derbyshire, Derby (SL)

12 South Africa, Chester-le-Street (F)

21 Leicestershire, Durham Univ (CC)

24 Leicestershire, Durham Univ (SL)

28 Yorkshire, Durham Univ (CC)

31 Yorkshire, Durham University (SL)

Aug 4 Somerset, Taunton (CC)

7 Somerset, Taunton (SL)

11 Kent, Canterbury (CC)

14 Kent, Canterbury (SL)

18 Glamorgan, Hartlepool (CC)

21 Glamorgan, Hartlepool (SL)

25 Hampshire, Portsmouth (CC)

28 Hampshire, Portsmouth (SL)

Sept 8 Lancashire, Stockton-on-Tees (CC)

11 Lancashire, Stockton-on-Tees (SL)

15 Worcestershire, Worcester (CC)

18 Worcestershire, Worcester (SL)


April 28 Hampshire, Southampton (* CC)

May 5 Durham, Stockton-on-Tees (CC)

8 Durham, Stockton-on-Tees (SL)

12 Kent, Chelmsford (CC)

15 Kent, Chelmsford (SL)

19 Yorkshire, Headingley (CC)

22 Yorkshire, Headingley (SL)

28 New Zealand, Chelmsford (* F)

June 2 Gloucestershire, Chelmsford (CC)

5 Gloucestershire, Chelmsford (SL)

9 Worcestershire, Worcester (CC)

12 Worcestershire, Worcester (SL)

15 Cambridge University, Fenner's (F)

21 Sussex, Hove (NWT)

23 Nottinghamshire, Ilford (CC)

26 Nottinghamshire, Ilford (SL)

30 Leicestershire, Leicester (CC)

July 3 Leicestershire, Leicester (SL)

10 Hampshire, Southampton (SL)

14 Glamorgan, Southend (CC)

17 Glamorgan, Southend (SL)

21 Warwickshire, Edgbaston (CC)

24 Warwickshire, Edgbaston (SL)

28 Middlesex, Uxbridge (CC)

31 Middlesex, Uxbridge (SL)

Aug 4 Lancashire, Chelmsford (CC)

7 Lancashire, Chelmsford (SL)

11 Surrey, Colchester (CC)

14 Surrey, Colchester (SL)

18 Somerset, Weston-super-Mare (CC)

21 Somerset, Weston-super-Mare (SL)

30 Sussex, Chelmsford (CC)

Sept 4 Sussex, Chelmsford (SL)

8 Derbyshire, Derby (CC)

11 Derbyshire, Derby (SL)

15 Northamptonshire, Chelmsford (CC)

18 Northamptonshire, Chelmsford (SL)


April 20 Oxford University, The Parks (F)

28 Warwickshire, Edgbaston (* CC)

May 5 Northamptonshire, North ampton (CC)

8 Northamptonshire, Northampton (SL)

12 Yorkshire, Cardiff (CC)

15 Yorkshire, Cardiff (SL)

26 Sussex, Hove (CC)

29 Sussex, Hove (SL)

June 2 Surrey, Swansea (CC)

5 Surrey, Swansea (SL)

11 Cambridge University, Fenner's (* F)

16 Derbyshire, Cardiff (CC)

19 Derbyshire, Swansea (SL)

21 Lincolnshire, Swansea (NWT)

23 Lancashire, Colwyn Bay (CC)

26 Lancashire, Colwyn Bay (SL)

30 Gloucestershire, Bristol (CC)

July 3 Gloucestershire, Bristol (SL)

10 Warwickshire, Edgbaston (SL)

14 Essex, Southend (CC)

17 Essex, Southend (SL)

21 Kent, Abergavenny (CC)

24 Kent, Ebbw Vale (SL)

28 Somerset, Swansea (CC)

31 Somerset, Swansea (SL)

Aug 4 Middlesex, Lord's (CC)

7 Middlesex, Lord's (SL)

13 South Africa, Pontypridd (* F)

18 Durham, Hartlepool (CC)

21 Durham, Hartlepool (SL)

25 Leicestershire, Cardiff (CC)

28 Leicestershire, Neath (SL)

30 Nottinghamshire, Worksop (CC)

Sept 4 Nottinghamshire, Trent Bridge (SL)

8 Worcestershire, Cardiff (CC)

11 Worcestershire, Cardiff (SL)

15 Hampshire, Southampton (CC)

18 Hampshire, Southampton (SL)


April 28 Somerset, Bristol (* CC)

May 5 Sussex, Bristol (CC)

8 Sussex, Bristol (SL)

12 Worcestershire, Worcester (CC)

15 Worcestershire, Worcester (SL)

19 Durham, Gateshead Fell (CC)

22 Durham, Gateshead Fell (SL)

26 Surrey, Gloucester (CC)

29 Surrey, Gloucester (SL)

June 2 Essex, Chelmsford (CC)

5 Essex, Chelmsford (SL)

11 New Zealand, Bristol (F)

16 Nottinghamshire, Trent Bridge (CC)

19 Nottinghamshire, Trent Bridge (SL)

21 Derbyshire, Bristol (NWT)

25 Cambridge Univ, Bristol (F)

30 Glamorgan, Bristol (CC)

July 3 Glamorgan, Bristol (SL)

10 Somerset, Bristol (SL)

14 Hampshire, Portsmouth (CC)

17 Hampshire, Portsmouth (SL)

21 Yorkshire, Cheltenham (CC)

24 Yorkshire, Cheltenham (SL)

28 Kent, Cheltenham (CC)

31 Kent, Cheltenham (SL)

Aug 4 Derbyshire, Chesterfield (CC)

7 Derbyshire, Chesterfield (SL)

11 Northamptonshire, Bristol (CC)

14 Northamptonshire, Bristol (SL)

18 Lancashire, Old Trafford (CC)

21 Lancashire, Old Trafford (SL)

30 Leicestershire, Bristol (CC)

Sept 4 Leicestershire, Moreton-in-Marsh (SL)

8 Middlesex, Lord's (CC)

11 Middlesex, Lord's (SL)

15 Warwickshire, Bristol (CC)

18 Warwickshire, Bristol (SL)


April 16 Oxford University, The Parks (F)

28 Essex, Southampton (* CC)

May 5 Derbyshire, Southampton (CC)

8 Derbyshire, Southampton (SL)

12 Sussex, Hove (CC)

15 Sussex, Hove (SL)

19 Middlesex, Southampton (CC)

22 Middlesex, Southampton (SL)

June 2 Somerset, Taunton (CC)

5 Somerset, Taunton (SL)

9 Nottinghamshire, Basingstoke (CC)

12 Nottinghamshire, Basingstoke (SL)

16 Lancashire, Old Trafford (CC)

19 Lancashire, Old Trafford (SL)

21 Cambridgeshire, March (NWT)

23 Yorkshire, Headingley (CC)

26 Yorkshire, Headingley (SL)

July 2 South Africa, Southampton (* F)

10 Essex, Southampton (SL)

14 Gloucestershire, Portsmouth (CC)

17 Gloucestershire, Portsmouth (SL)

21 Worcestershire, Worcester (CC)

24 Worcestershire, Worcester (SL)

28 Northamptonshire, Southamp ton (CC)

31 Northamptonshire, Southampton (SL)

Aug 4 Kent, Canterbury (CC)

7 Kent, Canterbury (SL)

18 Surrey, Southampton (CC)

21 Surrey, Southampton (SL)

25 Durham, Portsmouth (CC)

28 Durham, Portsmouth (SL)

30 Warwickshire, Edgbaston (CC)

Sept 4 Warwickshire, Edgbaston (SL)

8 Leicestershire, Leicester (CC)

11 Leicestershire, Leicester (SL)

15 Glamorgan, Southampton (CC)

18 Glamorgan, Southampton (SL)


April 20 Cambridge University, Fenner's (F)

May 5 Nottinghamshire, Canterbury (CC)

8 Nottinghamshire, Canterbury (SL)

12 Essex, Chelmsford (CC)

15 Essex, Chelmsford (SL)

19 Lancashire, Canterbury (CC)

22 Lancashire, Canterbury (SL)

26 Leicestershire, Leicester (CC)

29 Leicestershire, Leicester (SL)

June 2 Sussex, Tunbridge Wells (CC)

5 Sussex, Tunbridge Wells (SL)

9 Middlesex, Canterbury (CC)

12 Middlesex, Canterbury (SL)

16 Warwickshire, Edgbaston (CC)

19 Warwickshire, Edgbaston (SL)

21 Berkshire, Finchampstead (NWT)

25 South Africa, Canterbury (* F)

30 Yorkshire, Maidstone (CC)

July 3 Yorkshire, Maidstone (SL)

14 Worcestershire, Canterbury (CC)

17 Worcestershire, Canterbury (SL)

21 Glamorgan, Abergavenny (CC)

24 Glamorgan, Ebbw Vale (SL)

28 Gloucs, Cheltenham (CC)

31 Gloucestershire, Cheltenham (SL)

Aug 4 Hampshire, Canterbury (CC)

7 Hampshire, Canterbury (SL)

11 Durham, Canterbury (CC)

14 Durham, Canterbury (SL)

18 Derbyshire, Derby (CC)

21 Derbyshire, Derby (SL)

25 Northamptonshire, Northamp ton (CC)

28 Northamptonshire, Northamp ton (SL)

Sept 8 Somerset, Canterbury (CC)

11 Somerset, Canterbury (SL)

15 Surrey, The Oval (CC)

18 Surrey, The Oval (SL)


April 26 Combined Universities, The Parks (BH)

28 Yorkshire, Old Trafford (F) (4 days)

5 Surrey, Old Trafford (CC)

8 Surrey, Old Trafford (SL)

14 Cambridge Univ, Fenner's (F)

19 Kent, Canterbury (CC)

22 Kent, Canterbury (SL)

26 Somerset, Southport (CC)

29 Somerset, Old Trafford (SL)

June 2 Northants, Northampton (CC)

5 Northants, Northampton (SL)

9 Sussex, Horsham (CC)

12 Sussex, Horsham (SL)

16 Hampshire, Old Trafford (CC)

19 Hampshire, Old Trafford (SL)

21 Scotland, Old Trafford (NT)

23 Glamorgan, Colwyn Bay (CC)

26 Glamorgan, Colwyn Bay (SL)

30 Warwickshire, Edgbaston (CC)

July 3 Warwickshire, Edgbaston (SL)

14 Derbyshire, Blackpool (CC)

17 Derbyshire, Old Trafford (SL)

21 Middlesex, Old Trafford (CC)

24 Middlesex, Old Trafford (SL)

Aug 4 Essex, Chelmsford (CC)

7 Essex, Chelmsford (SL)

11 Yorkshire, Headingley (CC)

14 Yorkshire, Headingley (SL)

18 Gloucestershire, Old Trafford (CC)

21 Gloucestershire, Old Trafford (SL)

25 Nottinghamshire, Trent Bridge (CC)

28 Notts, Trent Bridge (SL)

30 Worcestershire, Old Trafford (CC)

Sept 4 Worcestershire, Old Trafford (SL)

8 Durham, Stockton-on-Tees (CC)

11 Durham, Stockton-on-Tees (SL)

15 Leicestershire, Old Trafford (CC)

18 Leicestershire, Old Trafford (SL)


April 26 Ireland, Leicester (BH)

28 Northamptonshire, Leicester (* CC)

May 5 Warwickshire, Edgbaston (CC)

8 Warwickshire, Edgbaston (SL)

12 Somerset, Leicester (CC)

15 Somerset, Leicester (SL)

17 New Zealand, Leicester (F) (1 day)

18 Oxford University, The Parks (F)

26 Kent, Leicester (CC)

29 Kent, Leicester (SL)

June 9 Derbyshire, Derby (CC)

12 Derbyshire, Derby (SL)

16 Middlesex, Leicester (CC)

19 Middlesex, Leicester (SL)

21 Cumberland, Netherfield (NWT)

23 Surrey, The Oval (CC)

26 Surrey, The Oval (SL)

30 Essex, Leicester (CC)

July 3 Essex, Leicester (SL)

10 Northamptonshire, Leicester (SL)

14 Yorkshire, Harrogate (CC)

17 Yorkshire, Scarborough (SL)

21 Durham, Durham University (CC)

24 Durham, Durham University (SL)

30 South Africa, Leicester (* F)

Aug 4 Nottinghamshire, Trent Bridge (CC)

7 Nottinghamshire, Trent Bridge (SL)

11 Worcestershire, Leicester (CC)

14 Worcestershire, Leicester (SL)

18 Sussex, Leicester (CC)

21 Sussex, Leicester (SL)

25 Glamorgan, Cardiff (CC)

28 Glamorgan, Neath (SL)

30 Gloucestershire, Bristol (CC)

Sept 4 Gloucestershire, Moreton-in-Marsh (SL)

8 Hampshire, Leicester (CC)

11 Hampshire, Leicester (SL)

15 Lancashire, Old Trafford (CC)

18 Lancashire, Old Trafford (SL)


April 21 England A, Lord's (* F) (4-day)

26 Northamptonshire, Lord's (BH)

30 Cambridge University, Fenner's (* F)

May 5 Yorkshire, Lord's (CC)

8 Yorkshire, Lord's (SL)

12 New Zealand, Lord's (F)

19 Hampshire, Southampton (CC)

22 Hampshire, Southampton (SL)

26 Warwickshire, Lord's (CC)

29 Warwickshire, Lord's (SL)

June 2 Worcestershire, Lord's (CC)

5 Worcestershire, Lord's (SL)

9 Kent, Canterbury (CC)

12 Kent, Canterbury (SL)

16 Leicestershire, Leicester (CC)

19 Leicestershire, Leicester (SL)

21 Minor Counties Wales, Northop Hall (NWT)

23 Durham, Lord's (CC)

26 Durham, Lord's (SL)

30 Derbyshire, Derby (CC)

July 3 Derbyshire, Derby (SL)

14 Sussex, Arundel (CC)

17 Sussex, Arundel (SL)

21 Lancashire, Old Trafford (CC)

24 Lancashire, Old Trafford (SL)

28 Essex, Uxbridge (CC)

31 Essex, Uxbridge (SL)

Aug 4 Glamorgan, Lord's (CC)

7 Glamorgan, Lord's (SL)

11 Somerset, Lord's (CC)

14 Somerset, Lord's (SL)

18 Northamptonshire, Northampton (CC)

21 Northamptonshire, Northampton (SL)

25 Surrey, The Oval (CC)

28 Surrey, The Oval (SL)

Sept 8 Gloucestershire, Lord's (CC)

11 Gloucestershire, Lord's (SL)

15 Nottinghamshire, Trent Bridge (CC)

18 Nottinghamshire, Trent Bridge (SL)


April 16 Cambridge University, Fenner's (* F)

26 Middlesex, Lord's (BH)

28 Leicestershire, Leicester (* CC)

May 5 Glamorgan, Northampton (CC)

8 Glamorgan, Northampton (SL)

15 New Zealand, Northampton (F) (1-day)

19 Surrey, The Oval (CC)

22 Surrey, The Oval (SL)

26 Worcestershire, Worcester (CC)

29 Worcestershire, Worcester (SL)

June 2 Lancashire, Northampton (CC)

5 Lancashire, Northampton (SL)

9 Durham, Hartlepool (CC)

12 Durham, Hartlepool (SL)

16 Yorkshire, Luton (CC)

19 Yorkshire, Luton (SL)

21 Ireland, Northampton (NWT)

23 Warwickshire, Northampton (CC)

26 Warwickshire, Northampton (SL)

30 Nottinghamshire, Trent Bridge (CC)

July 3 Nottinghamshire, Trent Bridge (SL)

10 Leicestershire, Leicester (SL)

16 South Africa, Northampton (* F)

21 Derbyshire, Northampton (CC)

24 Derbyshire, Northampton (SL)

28 Hampshire, Southampton (CC)

31 Hampshire, Southampton (SL)

Aug 4 Sussex, Northampton (CC)

7 Sussex, Northampton (SL)

11 Gloucestershire, Bristol (CC)

14 Gloucestershire, Bristol (SL)

18 Middlesex, Northampton (CC)

21 Middlesex, Northampton (SL)

25 Kent, Northampton (CC)

28 Kent, Northampton (SL)

30 Somerset, Taunton (CC)

Sept 4 Somerset, Taunton (SL)

15 Essex, Chelmsford (CC)

18 Essex, Chelmsford (SL)


April 13 Cambridge University, Fenner's (F)

26 Minor Counties, Trent Bridge (BH)

28 Oxford University, The Parks (F)

May 5 Kent, Canterbury (CC)

8 Kent, Canterbury (SL)

12 Durham, Trent Bridge (CC)

15 Durham, Trent Bridge (SL)

19 Sussex, Trent Bridge (CC)

22 Sussex, Trent Bridge (SL)

26 Derbyshire, Ilkeston (CC)

29 Derbyshire, Ilkeston (SL)

June 2 Yorkshire, Middlesbrough (CC)

5 Yorkshire, Headingley (SL)

9 Hampshire, Basingstoke (CC)

12 Hampshire, Basingstoke (SL)

16 Gloucestershire, Trent Bridge (CC)

19 Gloucestershire, Trent Bridge (SL)

21 Northumberland, Jesmond (NWT)

23 Essex, Ilford (CC)

26 Essex, Ilford (SL)

30 Northamptonshire, Trent Bridge (CC)

July 3 Northamptonshire, Trent Bridge (SL)

14 Somerset, Taunton (CC)

17 Somerset, Taunton (SL)

21 Surrey, Trent Bridge (CC)

24 Surrey, Trent Bridge (SL)

August 4 Leicestershire, Trent Bridge (CC)

7 Leicestershire, Trent Bridge (SL)

11 Warwickshire, Edgbaston (CC)

14 Warwickshire, Edgbaston (SL)

18 Worcestershire, Kidderminster (CC)

21 Worcestershire, Worcester (SL)

25 Lancashire, Trent Bridge (CC)

28 Lancashire, Trent Bridge (SL)

30 Glamorgan, Worksop (CC)

September 4 Glamorgan, Trent Bridge (SL)

15 Middlesex, Trent Bridge (CC)

18 Middlesex, Trent Bridge (SL)


April 26 Surrey, The Oval (BH)

28 Gloucestershire, Bristol (* CC)

May 7 New Zealand, Taunton (* F)

12 Leicestershire, Leicester (CC)

15 Leicestershire, Leicester (SL)

19 Warwickshire, Taunton (CC)

22 Warwickshire, Taunton (SL)

26 Lancashire, Southport (CC)

29 Lancashire, Old Trafford (SL)

June 2 Hampshire, Taunton (CC)

5 Hampshire, Taunton (SL)

9 Yorkshire, Bradford (CC)

12 Yorkshire, Headingley (SL)

16 Surrey, Bath (CC)

19 Surrey, Bath (SL)

21 Oxfordshire, Aston Rowant (NWT)

30 Worcestershire, Taunton (CC)

July 3 Worcestershire, Taunton (SL)

10 Gloucestershire, Bristol (SL)

14 Nottinghamshire, Taunton (CC)

17 Nottinghamshire, Taunton (SL)

21 Sussex, Hove (CC)

24 Sussex, Hove (SL)

28 Glamorgan, Swansea (CC)

31 Glamorgan, Swansea (SL)

Aug 4 Durham, Taunton (CC)

7 Durham, Taunton (SL)

11 Middlesex, Lord's (CC)

14 Middlesex, Lord's (SL)

18 Essex, Weston-super-Mare (CC)

21 Essex, Weston-super-Mare (SL)

30 Northamptonshire, Taunton (CC)

Sept 4 Northants, Taunton (SL)

8 Kent, Canterbury (CC)

11 Kent, Canterbury (SL)

15 Derbyshire, Taunton (CC)

18 Derbyshire, Taunton (SL)


April 26 Somerset, The Oval (BH)

28 Worcestershire, The Oval (* CC)

May 2 New Zealand, The Oval (F) (1-day)

5 Lancashire, Old Trafford (CC)

8 Lancashire, Old Trafford (SL)

12 Derbyshire, The Oval (CC)

15 Derbyshire, The Oval (SL)

19 Northamptonshire, The Oval (CC)

22 Northamptonshire, The Oval (SL)

26 Gloucestershire, Gloucester (CC)

29 Gloucestershire, Gloucester (SL)

June 2 Glamorgan, Swansea (CC)

5 Glamorgan, Swansea (SL)

11 Oxford University, The Oval (* F)

16 Somerset, Bath (CC)

19 Somerset, Bath (SL)

21 Staffordshire, The Oval (NWT)

23 Leicestershire, The Oval (CC)

26 Leicestershire, The Oval (SL)

30 Durham, Darlington (CC)

July 3 Durham, Darlington (SL)

10 Worcestershire, The Oval (SL)

14 Warwickshire, Guildford (CC)

17 Warwickshire, Guildford (SL)

21 Notts, Trent Bridge (CC)

24 Notts, Trent Bridge (SL)

28 Sussex, The Oval (CC)

31 Sussex, The Oval (SL)

Aug 11 Essex, Colchester (CC)

14 Essex, Colchester (SL)

18 Hampshire, Southampton (CC)

21 Hampshire, Southampton (SL)

25 Middlesex, The Oval (CC)

28 Middlesex, The Oval (SL)

Sept 8 Yorkshire, Scarborough (CC)

11 Yorkshire, Scarborough (SL)

15 Kent, The Oval (CC)

18 Kent, The Oval (SL)


April 26 Scotland, Hove (BH)

May 5 Gloucestershire, Bristol (CC)

8 Gloucestershire, Bristol (SL)

12 Hampshire, Hove (CC)

15 Hampshire, Hove (SL)

19 Nottinghamshire, Trent Bridge (CC)

22 Nottinghamshire, Trent Bridge (SL)

26 Glamorgan, Hove (CC)

29 Glamorgan, Hove (SL)

June 2 Kent, Tunbridge Wells (CC)

5 Kent, Tunbridge Wells (SL)

9 Lancashire, Horsham (CC)

12 Lancashire, Horsham (SL)

16 Durham, Hove (CC)

19 Durham, Hove (SL)

21 Essex, Hove (NWT)

23 Worcestershire, Worcester (CC)

26 Worcestershire, Worcester (SL)

29 South Africa, Hove (F)

July 14 Middlesex, Arundel (CC)

17 Middlesex, Arundel (SL)

21 Somerset, Hove (CC)

24 Somerset, Hove (SL)

28 Surrey, The Oval (CC)

31 Surrey, The Oval (SL)

Aug 4 Northamptonshire, Northampton (CC)

7 Northamptonshire, Northampton (SL)

11 Derbyshire, Eastbourne (CC)

14 Derbyshire, Eastbourne (SL)

18 Leicestershire, Leicester (CC)

21 Leicestershire, Leicester (SL)

25 Warwickshire, Hove (CC)

28 Warwickshire, Hove (SL)

30 Essex, Chelmsford (CC)

Sept 4 Essex, Chelmsford (SL)

15 Yorkshire, Hove (CC)

18 Yorkshire, Hove (SL)


April 28 Glamorgan, Edgbaston (* CC)

May 5 Leicestershire, Edgbaston (CC)

8 Leicestershire, Edgbaston (SL)

14 Oxford University, The Parks (F)

19 Somerset, Taunton (CC)

22 Somerset, Taunton (SL)

26 Middlesex, Lord's (CC)

29 Middlesex, Lord's (SL)

June 2 Durham, Edgbaston (CC)

5 Durham, Edgbaston (SL)

16 Kent, Edgbaston (CC)

19 Kent, Edgbaston (SL)

21 Bedfordshire, Edgbaston (NWT)

23 Northamptonshire, Northamp ton (CC)

26 Northamptonshire, Northamp ton (SL)

30 Lancashire, Edgbaston (CC)

July 3 Lancashire, Edgbaston (SL)

10 Glamorgan, Edgbaston (SL)

14 Surrey, Guildford (CC)

17 Surrey, Guildford (SL)

21 Essex, Edgbaston (CC)

24 Essex, Edgbaston (SL)

28 Derbyshire, Chesterfield (CC)

31 Derbyshire, Chesterfield (SL)

Aug 4 Worcestershire, Worcester (CC)

7 Worcestershire, Edgbaston (SL)

11 Nottinghamshire, Edgbaston (CC)

14 Nottinghamshire, Edgbaston (SL)

18 Yorkshire, Scarborough (CC)

21 Yorkshire, Scarborough (SL)

25 Sussex, Hove (CC)

28 Sussex, Hove (SL)

30 Hampshire, Edgbaston (CC)

Sept 4 Hampshire, Edgbaston (SL)

15 Gloucestershire, Bristol (CC)

18 Gloucestershire, Bristol (SL)


April 28 Surrey, The Oval (* CC)

May 4 New Zealand, Worcester (F)

7 Cambridge University, Fenner's (* 3)

12 Gloucestershire, Worcester (CC)

15 Gloucestershire, Worcester (SL)

19 Derbyshire, Derby (CC)

22 Derbyshire, Derby (SL)

26 Northamptonshire, Worcester (CC)

29 Northamptonshire, Worcester (SL)

June 2 Middlesex, Lord's (CC)

5 Middlesex, Lord's (SL)

9 Essex, Worcester (CC)

12 Essex, Worcester (SL)

17 Oxford University, Worcester (* F)

21 Norfolk, Lakenham (NWT)

23 Sussex, Worcester (CC)

26 Sussex, Worcester (SL)

30 Somerset, Taunton (CC)

July 3 Somerset, Taunton (SL)

10 Surrey, The Oval (SL)

14 Kent, Canterbury (CC)

17 Kent, Canterbury (SL)

21 Hampshire, Worcester (CC)

24 Hampshire, Worcester (SL)

Aug 4 Warwickshire, Worcester (CC)

7 Warwickshire, Edgbaston (SL)

11 Leicestershire, Leicester (CC)

14 Leicestershire, Leicester (SL)

18 Nottinghamshire, Kidderminster (CC)

21 Nottinghamshire, Worcester (SL)

25 Yorkshire, Worcester (CC)

28 Yorkshire, Worcester (SL)

30 Lancashire, Old Trafford (CC)

Sept 4 Lancashire, Old Trafford (SL)

8 Glamorgan, Cardiff (CC)

11 Glamorgan, Cardiff (SL)

15 Durham, Worcester (CC)

18 Durham, Worcester (SL)


April 28 Lancashire, Old Trafford (F) (4 days)

May 5 Middlesex, Lord's (CC)

8 Middlesex, Lord's (SL)

12 Glamorgan, Cardiff (CC)

15 Glamorgan, Cardiff (SL)

19 Essex, Headingley (CC)

22 Essex, Headingley (SL)

28 Oxford University, The Parks (F)

June 2 Nottinghamshire, Middles brough (CC)

5 Nottinghamshire, Headingley (SL)

9 Somerset, Bradford (CC)

12 Somerset, Headingley (SL)

16 Northamptonshire, Luton (CC)

19 Northamptonshire, Luton (SL)

21 Devon, Exmouth (NWT)

23 Hampshire, Headingley (CC)

26 Hampshire, Headingley (SL)

30 Kent, Maidstone (CC)

July 3 Kent, Maidstone (SL)

14 Leicestershire, Harrogate (CC)

17 Leicestershire, Scarborough (SL)

21 Gloucestershire, Cheltenham (CC)

24 Gloucestershire, Cheltenham (SL)

28 Durham, Durham University (CC)

31 Durham, Durham University (SL)

Aug 11 Lancashire, Headingley (CC)

14 Lancashire, Headingley (SL)

18 Warwickshire, Scarborough (CC)

21 Warwickshire, Scarborough (SL)

25 Worcestershire, Worcester (CC)

28 Worcestershire, Worcester (SL)

30 Derbyshire, Sheffield (CC)

Sept 4 Derbyshire, Headingley (SL)

8 Surrey, Scarborough (CC)

11 Surrey, Scarborough (SL)

15 Sussex, Hove (CC)

18 Sussex, Hove (SL)

KEY: (CC) County Championship (four days). (SL) Sunday League (one day). (NWT) NatWest Trophy (one day). (F) Other first-class match (three days unless stated). * includes Sunday play.

(Photograph omitted)