Cricket: England rise up to bouncer

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ENGLAND will make a move this week to thwart any attempt to have the bouncer or one short-pitched delivery per batsman per over rule revoked when the International Cricket Council holds its annual meeting in London on Wednesday.

Pakistan, supported by West Indies, are determined that their fast bowlers should once again be allowed to unleash as many bouncers as they like, with only an umpire's interpretation of any intimidatory tactics as protection for batsmen.

England, however, will do their utmost to block them, arguing that the rule was voted in for a three-year trial run and should not be ditched after only 24 months. 'We think the rule is working very well,' said Alan Smith, the Test and County Cricket Board chief executive. 'It has not inhibited the likes of Merv Hughes and if it has helped to introduce more spin bowling, then so much the better.

'We believe the object of the game is to bowl at those three sticks in the ground, not at someone's head.'