Cricket: Gavaskar on attack

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SUNIL GAVASKAR, the former India captain, yesterday accused Michael Atherton of 'unfair' tactics in the Lord's Test against South Africa.

'He was in breach of cricket's law, and since this law also comes partly under fair and unfair play Michael Atherton was guilty of unfair play - plain and simple,' Gavaskar said in the Bombay Midday newspaper.

Gavaskar also alleged that Atherton knew what he was doing was wrong when he rubbed the ball with dirt from his trouser pocket. 'If he thought it was OK to use dirt, why would he suppress the information in the first place?'

Gavaskar said it was possible that Ray Illingworth may have checked Atherton's pockets afterwards. 'Illingworth was a tough old pro who knew all the tricks of the trade. . . but even he would not have resorted to what Atherton did.'