Cricket: 'Gower should have gone': Comprehensive defeat by India leaves a question mark hanging over the English method: Club cricketers at the Oval's indoor nets give their views on the tour debacle to Niall Edworthy

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RAY WARD, insurance broker: The decision not to to take a team doctor was the selectors' worst omission. Illness was England's biggest problem and it was madness to leave it to the physio to hand out a few aspirins and tins of corned beef when what they needed was someone with knowledge of tropical conditions. They should also do away with having a whole panel of selectors and replace them with a football-style manager who has total control over policy and selection. In that way, one man is responsible and blame cannot be shunted around.

PAUL VARNEY, musician: The Press has to take much of the blame. India is gruelling enough as it is in terms of the heat, the smog, illnesses and the itinerary. Much of cricket is played in the mind and when confidence slumps as it did after the first Test the last thing you need is the Press increasing the pressure on the players by slating them back home.

PAUL COOK, plumber: Ted Dexter should resign immediately or be sacked. Not taking Gower was criminal. With the exception of Gatting he is the only class act we have got. Dexter should make way for Tom Graveney who believes in a bit of flair. Gooch should also be dismissed. He has to carry the can when things go wrong. Gatting should be brought back as captain for the Ashes.

TONY BRADSHAW, PR officer: The omission of Gower was a huge error. He is one of England's best batsmen of all time and a great player of spin whose left-handedness would have been invaluable. His inclusion would not have prevented defeat but at least we might have lost with a bit of grace and flair. I feel sorry for Gooch and it would be a mistake if he was not retained as captain for the Ashes, but together with Keith Fletcher he showed that the Essex ethic of putting all your trust in the seamers while treating the spinners with suspicion was hugely detrimental. They lacked tactical imagination.

WARREN JONES, student: It has been an abysmal tour and although it was not a terrible team that the selectors chose, not taking Jack Russell, the best wicketkeeper in the world, when you are playing three spinners including a leg-spinner, was a big mistake. There is the same problem in football and rugby. When it comes to selecting the national sides the genuine quality players tend to be overlooked.

KEITH FRANCIS, postman: Graham Gooch is a great player and a good captain but he has assumed too much responsibility and power. His influence within the team has become so great that when he fails to deliver, England fail to deliver.