Cricket: Imran sounds off while Waqar signs on

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IMRAN KHAN, the former Pakistan captain, yesterday rejected allegations that their bowlers tampered with the ball during the recent Test series while counter- charging that England's players had done so.

He dismissed the complaint of Pakistani cheating as 'a wild accusation and a reflection of (England's) colonial hangover', suggesting they 'learn to accept defeat graciously instead of calling others a cheat'. Speaking in Karachi, Imran also claimed he had seen some English players 'picking up the seam'.

'The English are unable to understand how our bowlers can swing the ball, which is a must to survive in Pakistan's cricket,' he said. Imran also indicated his career may be over. 'I think the Pakistan team has reached the stage where it does not require my services as a player,' he said.

Meanwhile, Waqar Younis has agreed to stay at Surrey for the next three years. It is thought that the deal will net Waqar pounds 50,000 a year, a similar deal to that which Wasim Akram negotiated with Lancashire . Salim Malik has also signed a new one-year contract with Essex, reportedly worth pounds 40,000.