Cricket: Me and My Kit: David Shepherd, Cricket umpire

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LIVING in north Devon, I often go away for three weeks at a stretch. As a result I tend to pack quite a bit: 10 shirts, six white coats, three pairs of trousers, two caps, one sleeveless and one long-sleeved sweater, and two pairs of training shoes.

The Test and County Cricket Board regulation issue includes a coat, a pair of trousers and a cap. The rest we supply ourselves. I also take a bunch of forms to complete my match report and copies of all the various competition rules and regulations.

In terms of what I take on to the field, there's a pair of scissors, a penknife and some plasters, all in case of mishaps to players. Sometimes I also carry a pocket respirator in case of injury. I use a set of miniature Watney Red Barrels to count the balls; a lip salve for hot weather; pen; notebook; a rag to clean the ball in wet conditions; a light meter; a copy of the rules pertaining to the competition in question; a spare ball similar in wear to the one in use; a card to fill in the number of overs if it's a one-day game; and, finally, as recommended by all players, a pair of specs.

David Shepherd, a member of the Test match panel since 1985, will stand in next Saturday's NatWest Trophy final at Lord's between Northamptonshire and Leicestershire.

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