Cricket: Single-digit decisions, double-digit salutes

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DAVID RICHARDS, the chief executive of the International Cricket Council, yesterday dismissed reports that the sport's governing body was ready to increase the level of technology to aid decisions in major matches.

Richards has been alarmed by reports claiming the ICC was to introduce technology to decide contentious bat-pad appeals, following a series of controversial incidents during the recent Test series between England and South Africa. He feels that ICC president Jagmohan Dalmiya's comments about the council's "liberal" use of technology were misconstrued yesterday.

Richards added: "There has been no change in the level of use of technology in the game - we have no plans to increase its use any more than at present.

"Our sport has been at the forefront of the use of technology and as that changes we will continue to look at it and its possible benefits to cricket.

"Technology does not come cheap and there is also a danger that all the people around the world training to be top-class umpires will have got used to making their own decisions only to be told they must use technology when they reach the top. That is an effect we are wary."

Durham have disciplined their vice-captain John Morris following his two-fingered gesture on reaching a century against Glamorgan at Chester- le-Street on Monday.

Morris explained that the V-sign was aimed at a friend who had bet him pounds 20 he would not make a ton. He apologised to spectators who thought the gesture was directed at them and his explanation was accepted.