Cricket: Warne: `I didn't spit the dummy'

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The Australian spin bowler Shane Warne said yesterday that he is not too upset with the media's "petty" fascination with his weight.

However, the leg spinner did make an outburst against what he called the "negative" Australian media. He also admitted he was not at his fittest, but he maintained he could still help win matches for Australia.

On Tuesday, he abruptly walked out of the unveiling of a wax model of himself - as soon as a journalist asked him about his weight. Yesterday, Warne, Victoria's Sheffield Shield captain, said: "I just want to clarify... a lot's been said about me storming out. I wasn't upset, I didn't spit the dummy.

"I thought it was an issue that was petty. I didn't think it was worth going into details. I wanted to get out of there and go and play golf.

"I thought: `Why am I standing here while some bloke asks me about my weight?' Next week it will be something else."

Warne said he was not the fittest he had been in his career, but he added: "You tell me to go and bowl 30 overs on the last day of a Test match and help win the match for Australia. I reckon I can do that."