Cricket World Cup: Culture, Carnivals, Chokers And Conquerors: The Verbal World Cup

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Frankly, Sri Lanka - and the game overall - would be better off without him... Yes there is plenty of animosity between Arjuna and myself. I don't like him and I'm not in a club of one.

Shane Warne on Sri Lanka captain Arjuna Ranatunga.

We have a culture that is 2,500 years old - I think we all know where the Australians come from.

Ranatunga on Warne.

We may not be perceived as tournament winners, but, deep down, we know we can win the cup.

Nick Knight, England batsman .

If we even get close to beating a Test team, it will be a fantastic achievement but people are right not to expect that to happen.

George Salmond, Scotland captain.

There have been no big bets placed as yet. People are still wrapped up in football, and cricket in pyjamas does not have a great appeal at this time of year.

A spokesperson for City Index.

I do not know what I have to say to get anything done. We keep getting ignored. There did not appear to be any security.

Steve Waugh, Australia captain.

Its a simple equation - we have to win our next three games, or else we will all be going home.

Steve Waugh after Australia's defeat by New Zealand.

It is a hell of a setback for any side to lose a player of his ability and for him to return will be a big boost.

India manager, Brijesh Patel, on the loss of Sachin Tendulkar, who had to return to India when his father died.

If there is one person in cricket I could choose to have in my team, it would be Lance Klusener.

Bob Woolmer, South Africa coach.

I would like to dedicate this innings to my father's memory. It was difficult to keep it out of my mind today.

Sachin Tendulkar on his 140 not out against Kenya.

I have never been abused so much in my life. It appears the whole world is against me.

Mohammad Azharuddin, India captain.

He looks a nightmare to bat with. It looks as if he does not know what he is doing half the time.

Imran Khan on Pakistan's Inzamam-ul-Haq.

You know you're in trouble when long lost friends are ringing up to tell you to keep your chin up. My mum even rang to tell me to do something about my technique.

Adam Gilchrist, Australia's opening batsman.

It is a terrifically catchy song. If it can help to create the same atmosphere as we experienced during Euro 96 then we should be in for a really great carnival.

Alex Stewart (pictured) on tournament song `All Over the World'.

I don't feel anything for the batsman. I don't see them as people; they're just a wicket, three stumps in the ground that I want to rip out.

Glenn McGrath, Australian bowler.

All we are here for is to play cricket. It's just a game and hopefully the fans will take it in the right spirit and enjoy it.

Wasim Akram, the Pakistan captain, before match against India.

I said to Herschelle: `I love you. But if you do that again I'll batter you from here to kingdom come.' He won't do it again.

Woolmer after a dropped catch by Herschelle Gibbs.

I have not said South Africa were chokers. I said they couldn't play well under pressure.

Steve Waugh on South Africa.

I would not say that it is going to be a war, but it will be close - that's war without the u-g-h.

Woolmer before the semi-final against Australia.

It doesn't get more exciting than our last two matches with Australia, but unfortunately we've come out on the wrong side both times.

Hansie Cronje, South Africa captain.

It was a moment of madness and total confusion.

Allan Donald on the run-out in the semi-final against Australia.

We had nine months in the same womb and 16 years in the same room. Why the hell would we want to room together now?

Steve Waugh on brother Mark.

To get four wickets and break the back of the Pakistani team was very satisfying.

Shane Warne on the final.

These players aren't heroes, they are criminals.

Punjab student, Humamyan Ahmed, on the Pakistan team.

The Pakistan team needs me and I need them.

Wasim before returning home.